Setting the Stopwatch The new movement “Four Years. Go” thinks green activism needs a time frame

“The next four years will determine the quality of life on this planet for the next 1,000 years.” So begins the media campaign video for “Four Years. Go.” Through the combined efforts of the nonprofits Pachamama Alliance, Peace in Five Years and the 2020 Fund with ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, the campaign sets out “to change the course of history. Really.”

Four Years Go, Credit: Ignat Gorazd, FlickrCCAccording to its website, Four Years. Go. is a new framework calling on individuals and organizations to step up and shape a new, positive relationship with the planet. The Pachamama Alliance, the main funding organization, is dedicated to preserving the planet’s rainforests by helping to empower the planet’s original stewards, its indigenous people.

The media campaign and website encourage organizations to explore and commit to impactful environmental and social improvement projects that they can fulfill within the next four years. The target year is 2014, enough time, the site says, to make a difference.

“In four years, can we plant only things that grow?” the video asks, as it shows a child leading his cow through a field with a “Danger! Mines!!” sign in the foreground. “In four years, can indigenous people teach the rest of the world to evolve?” it asks, as it shows a rainforest burning. The site also links individuals to organizations where they can volunteer their time and make the Four Years. Go. movement one that lasts.

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