Garden Plants That Grow Quickly

Most garden owners desire a good-looking landscape and wouldn’t like for it to take too much time to get such results. If you like spending your spare time gardening in the backyard, you have different plant options that will make your area pop within a short period. Here are some options of fast growing plants that you can use to spice up your garden space.

Bamboo Plant

It does not matter what type of bamboo species that you are growing, they all tend to bloom and flower at the same no matter which part of the earth you are situated at. The growing speed of the bamboo plant is up to an amazing 35 inches every day. The bamboo plant is mostly found in regions that are mainly of a tropical climate. The most conducive manner of naturing this type of plant is by allocating a six-hour exposure to the sun and a continuous watering regimen.

Asian Jasmine

The Asian Jasmine is among the fast-growing wandering plants that offer ground cover in the garden. The pace at which the Asian Jasmine grows makes the gardener need to do regular pruning to keep it under control. It tends to beat pinwheel white flowers when grown in warm regions. The plant gets its name not because it belongs to the jasmine family but due to the smell it produces.

Neem Tree

Unlike the bamboo and the Asian Jasmine, neem is a fast-growing full tree. The Neem fairs well in hotter climates so gardeners are advised to avoid planting the tree in regions that might have weather climates that reach anywhere below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from it being a fast-growing tree, it is widely revered for the numerous uses including its medicinal properties. Oil extracted from the tree can be used to treat fungal-related ailments.

Butterfly Bush

From the name itself, the plant offers butterflies ample amounts of nectar from its numerous blooms. It originally came from the Asian regions of China. Its fast-growing nature makes it a little intrusive if not kept in check. The plant generally requires little maintenance while demanding well-drained fertile soil with plenty of suns.


Just as the name suggests the petals of the plant graces the landscape with a bright golden hue. Although the plant can be considered to be a weed by farmers for its tendency of growing fast in unwanted areas within the farm, gardeners can use this type of fast-growing feature to spruce up their gardens. The flowers might grow in bunches or alone and they closely resemble daisies.


The air cleaner of the group, the Oleander does a perfect job of taking in a great volume of carbon dioxide from the air. This fast-growing evergreen plant is a good addition to the garden as it offers a great decorative aspect to the landscape. It produces brightly colored flowers that unveil themselves during the summer. Oleander requires little amounts of water and a lot of sunlight for its survival.

The list of fast-growing plants is quite large but you also need to know that the growth of any plant can be affected by the climatic conditions and the soil of the current location of your garden. So for you to get the best possible outcome you need to consult the local botanical expert to give proper advice.