General Purpose (GP) Liquid Lanolin – The Cleaner, Greener Multi-Use Lubricant

If you work with machinery, in construction, or in agriculture, then you will be familiar with lubricants. There are many different types of lubricant, all with their own distinct properties and features. One feature shared by most lubricants is that they pollute the environment. Unfortunately, when produced (and used) lubricants are harmful to health and the planet. If you need to use lubricant at work then instead of choosing one that damages the environment and potentially your health, use the green option.

In this article, you’ll find out all about that green option, Liquid Lanolin – the cleaner, greener multi-use lubricant:

What Is Multi-Purpose Lubricant?

Lubricants are oils that reduce wear and friction. They displace moisture in jammed and corroded parts, protecting against metal, rust, and breakdown. Most lubricants can also clean surfaces, removing grease and dirt. It protects against breakdown and rust by creating microfilm between the moving components of a machine. Lubricants are used for more or less everything, from greasing a bike’s chain to keeping large machinery functioning. The world’s primary focus at the moment is to cut down on carbon emissions, which means that traditional multi-purpose lubricant is being phased out in favor of greener options.

Types of Lubricant

Low viscosity oils are most peoples’ chosen lubricant because they offer the least resistance to movement. Viscosity relates to a lubricant’s resistance to flow. Low viscosity oils require less power, reduce fuel use, improve your engine’s performance, and cut down on exhaust emissions.

High viscosity oils are thicker than low viscosity oils but are also a popular choice of lubricant. High viscosity oils are typically better than low viscosity oils at protecting engines at high temperatures while maintaining film strength.

Greases are another popular type of lubricant, which are formed by the distribution of thickening agents in base fluids.

Dry film lubricants reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and are good when used in high temperatures, where liquid lubricants would typically cease to be effective or break down.

Liquid Lanolin, the Greener Option

Individuals and business owners agree that Liquid Lanolin is the best multi-purpose lubricant, particularly in today’s environmentally-conscious times. The manufacturers, Lanotec, have shown that it’s possible to create a multi-use lubricant that works effectively, but that is also non-toxic and biodegradable. Liquid Lanolin is used for everything from rusted machinery and tools to greasing the hinges on sliding doors.

Lanotec is based in Australia and prides themselves on their eco-friendly products. They say that they have worked diligently to develop a cleaner, greener multi-use lubricant that doesn’t rely on petrochemical residue, which is one of the most harmful toxins in traditional lubricants.

Liquid Lanolin’s blend is based on the properties of lanolin, a naturally occurring property also known as wool grease that is secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep, goats, and other wool-bearing animals. Lanolin is used topically to treat dry skin, itching, or skin irritation.

Liquid Lanolin [which should never be used topically, consumed, or on the skin] is used by everyone, from mechanics to fishermen. It’s a very flexible product that can even be used at home to clean metal, leather, rubber, plastic, timber, and powder-coated surfaces. It’s deeply penetrating and leaves a surface, protecting against friction.

Characteristics of Liquid Lanolin

Liquid Lanolin provides immense coverage, with as little as one liter covering an area as large as 15 square meters, which is more than any rival lubricant can offer. In addition, Liquid Lanolin is 10 microns thick, compared to 50 microns which is the thickness of most other products. On metals, it’s non-conductive up to 70 kilovolts.

Another fantastic property of this product is that, unlike other lubricants, Liquid Lanolin will not wash off. It clings to the surfaces that it’s been applied to so well that a solvent must be used to remove it. Despite its strength, it’s a very gentle product that can be used everywhere from on the hinges of doors to on oil rigs, to prevent salt corrosion.

Liquid Lanolin provides a layer of protection on surfaces that have been treated by it, which means that if the surface were to be scratched, that the product would seal over the scratched area so that it isn’t left vulnerable.

All of these properties make Liquid Lanolin the superior option when it comes to lubricants. Products are protected against friction, damage, and dirt. Frequent re-application is not required, because of how long Liquid Lanolin lasts, and how wide its coverage is. It’s a product that can benefit ordinary people and business owners – it’s a product that provides protection to what really matters, our planet.

Why Should I Choose the Green Option?

If you’re asking yourself, ‘why should I choose the greener option?’ then you’re not alone. A lot of people wonder why they should care about the environment since the devastating effect we’re having on the Earth won’t be noticed until long after most of us are gone. Unfortunately, while the most devastating effects are indeed years away, we’re already starting to see things unwinding. Global weather conditions are becoming incredibly erratic, which is evidenced by the recent snowstorm that struck Texas, and the intense ‘Indian summers’ spreading throughout Europe.

If we don’t begin to take care of the planet, then future generations will have to suffer the consequences. Throughout the world, widespread diseases, cancers, and illnesses are caused by pollution. This mostly goes unnoticed, because it is rarely developed western countries that face the brunt of this. Instead, it is countries further out that can’t defend themselves against the onslaught of garbage, pollution, and waste, originating in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. Climate change is a real concern that can’t go unnoticed any longer. Governments around the world are implementing legislation to limit the number of toxic chemicals used by companies and reduce global carbon emissions. You can stay ahead of them by choosing to use Liquid Lanolin, instead of contributing to global pollution by using petroleum-based products.

If you’re looking for a lubricant, then you need to look no further than Liquid Lanolin. There are few products on the market that can compete with it. It’s environmentally friendly, effective, and can be used by everybody.