Giant Iguana Being Nursed Back To Health in Florida

Credit: South Florida Wildlife Center/ HSUSEarlier this week wildlife rescuers found a six foot adult male green iguana in Plantation, FL. The huge lizard had been shot five times with arrows and is now in the care of the South Florida Wildlife Center, an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, where he underwent surgery on Wednesday afternoon.

The striking creature, who is approximately six feet long and weighs 10 pounds, arrived with multiple puncture wounds. X-rays showed he had an arrow imbedded in his abdomen.  South Florida Wildlife Center vet Dr. Grant swiftly prepped the iguana – nicknamed “Godzilla” due to his gigantic size – and performed surgery.

Luckily the majestic iguana has no broken bones or ribs, but he is not out of the woods yet. He runs the risk of internal bleeding and/or infection.

He is on pain medication, antibiotics, had topical care to his wounds and is receiving supportive care. Veterinarians and wildlife lovers are hoping Godzilla will pull through; iguanas can live up to 20 years in the wild.

The South Florida Wildlife Center (SFWC) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the largest wildlife hospital, trauma center, and rehabilitation facility in the nation in terms of intake numbers, and provides emergency rescue services, diagnostics, surgical and other veterinary treatment, recovery habitats, orphan rearing, and expert rehabilitative care to more than 250 different species. SFWC admits more than 12,000 injured, orphaned, or imperiled animals annually, with the goal of returning every rehabilitated animal back to nature to live wild and free.

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