Give Your Store More Visibility in Five Simple Steps

If you own a physical store, attracting customers is one of your top priorities. More foot traffic means more sales, which means more revenue for your business. But then, these days, the streets are often saturated with various stores, and most of them offer similar products.

You need your store to stand out and remain enticing to customers. Here are five simple ways to do it.

Beautiful signage

It’s standard practice to display your store’s name, and probably tagline, as boldly as possible. This serves as a beacon and helps customers differentiate you from the other stores. Besides these, signs displaying your brand name don’t do much else for your business. Try to shake things up by printing witty material.

It could be a play on words on your offers, or an announcement of a discount you’re holding. You could also try to communicate what excellent customer service you offer. Anything that can grab the attention of pedestrians or potential customers is a great plus. Also, be sure to use high-quality print services like those from Printmoz Foam Board Printing.


Even though you own a physical store, your advertising doesn’t have to be restricted to the physical. You can target and reach more people with online ads like Facebook and Google. If you have information on your ideal customer, even better.

Things like their age, location, and preferences can go a long way in helping you find them online. Ads can also help you get a message across. If you have a motto or slang that really resonates with your current customers, promote that online for even more reactions. Curiosity will draw them to your store, and your offerings will keep them.

Create loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your current customers, attract new ones, and nurture brand dedication. You have multiple options with loyalty programs, and you can offer everything, from coupons and discounts, to gifts, exclusive deals, and even shout-outs on social media.

These programs build a special connection between you and your customers and make them feel special. This is good because even though people justify their purchases with logic, they make buying decisions based on emotions. The more attached customers are to your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Experiment with your layout.

Switching things up to see what works and what doesn’t can give your sales a boost. If you’ve always arranged your snacks according to the manufacturer, try rearranging them according to taste. Group all the sweet snacks in a group and the salty snacks in another.

Changing your product layout is a lot of work, but it has a significant upside. The new format could appeal to customers who love sweet snacks, but don’t know what some of your products taste like. You could also ask for suggestions from your customers about how they would like to see your products arranged.

The Bottom Line

Even though making a profit is the ultimate goal of running a store, customers don’t want to feel like cash cows. Focusing on meeting their needs and improving their experience is a much better strategy, with recurrent payoffs.