Good Reasons Why Solar Power Positively Impacts The Environment

We’re living in a time where combating Climate Change needs to become everyone’s main priority. If we don’t reverse the effects Greenhouse Gas emissions had on our planet, we’ll reach a point of no return in just a few short years. 

Most people believe combating Climate Change can’t be done at home but that is false. There are simple steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint that will make a difference. One of the ways is by switching to Solar Energy or using a mix of both solar energy and traditional energy consumption. 

Not only will this benefit the planet and its agriculture but it will help us all lead happier, healthier, and longer lives. Take a look at some of the positive impacts that these Solar Panel installations can have. 

How Does Solar Energy Work? 

Solar Energy uses panels that can collect energy from the sun’s light. This energy is then stored in a battery within the decision. The device will have an inverter within that converts this energy into AC Power – the type of power used to produce electricity. The battery is able to store this energy for you to use at a later date as well. Perfect for those unforeseen power outages! 

Don’t get much sun where you live? There’s no need to worry solar panels are still able to collect energy through an overcast sky at a relatively reasonable rate. 

Ways To Implement Solar Energy 

When people think of solar energy, what comes to mind is the fields of solar panels that we often see on our televisions. While this is great, it’s just not practical when we think about making a difference in our homes and in our everyday lives. 

That’s why investing in small solar energy products like portable generators can do wonders. For example,  Simple Solar Living provides multiple ways that you can implement solar power in your home from garden lamps to Mosquito zappers that can be purchased using solar energy.

Reduce Energy Costs 

Reducing your energy costs may not directly impact the environment, but it will give you more incentive to invest in solar powers, therefore indirectly helping the environment. 

When you swap normalized energy consumption for solar power your cost of energy will undoubtedly decrease. While it may be difficult to rely on solely solar power for all of your devices, using a mix of both will even greatly drop your monthly electricity bills. 

The amount of solar energy you’ll be able to rely on depends heavily on the climate you live in and what season it happens to be. However, on average solar power usually reduces energy consumption by 80%. 

On top of lowering your monthly bills, you are also able to earn tax credits and claim rebates when using solar panels. These credits vary from country to country but generally, you’ll receive about 30% of your money back when investing in the solar panel equipment and any cost that is associated with installation. This is initiative countries are using to help combat climate change. 

Combats Greenhouse Gas and Fossil Fuels 

Speaking of climate change, GreenHouse Gas emissions are one of the leading factors behind the heating of our planet. Guess what? Using solar panels and solar energy can reduce those emissions by a huge amount. Installing a solar panel system will lower the amount of Fossil Fuels that are burned and reduce the amount of GreenHouse Gas including our number one killer Carbon Dioxide. 

Climate change isn’t a joke and has been contributing to the bizarre temperatures and natural disasters across the globe. Shrinking your carbon footprint should be encouraged by every government and solar energy is a huge part of making that possible. 

Not to mention fossil fuels aren’t a renewable resource, the world will eventually one day run out. Solar energy will also help with garnering electricity when we’re dealing with these natural disasters we’ve been plagued within the past few years. Solar energy doesn’t falter during a heatwave or drought so long as it’s able to channel the energy from the sun. 

Reduces Water Usage and Pollution 

Not only do our energy sources use fossil fuels to keep our world in motion they also take a large amount from our water source and pollute an additional amount in the process. With a limited amount of usable water sources on this planet, this should be a fear we all have. Not to mention companies will control water flow using man-made dams that have a detrimental effect on the environment’s natural ecosystem. 

Solar panels on the other hand do not affect our water supply whatsoever. That means we won’t have to sacrifice our agriculture and overall planet life for the use of electricity. 

Improves Our Health 

Since the burning of fossil fuels causes pollution of our water of course that would have negative health benefits to use, however, there’s also the fact that reducing these emissions would also provide us with much cleaner air to breathe. The US estimates that reducing our air pollution would save over 25,000 lives. 

Research has shown the world would have fewer cases of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory and heart problems. It’s hard to believe that the world isn’t jumping at the chance to implement these techniques globally. 

Little Investment With Large Outcomes 

All-in-all solar panels are the optimal way we can make the world a better place to live for not only humans but our ecosystem. While larger companies can expect to spend more when it comes to switching over to solar energy, we at home can find small ways to reduce our carbon footprint and essentially save lives. 

Starting small could be the way to go for you. Next time you decide to revamp your garden for the summer, try investing in solar panel lamps and bug zappers, it may not seem like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it goes a long way.