Green Clean To Make The Most Of The Holidays

With the countdown to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales already started, now is the perfect time to put into action resolutions which will both help the household budget and start habits which could pay health dividends for many years to come.  We can thank the Americans for spurring retailers for their post-Thanksgiving sales, so along with getting a head start on holiday shopping and food ordering, why not tuck in sale items for green cleaning and eco cleaning products.

Bag It Properly On The Go

Most of the UK already charge for bags, and retailers and grocery have plenty of long life bags.  Why not pick up reusable shopping bags which come with their own pouch and tuck away in backpacks, purses and back pockets until they are needed?  Many can still be found for £1 or less, which will pay for themselves many times over.

Across the UK, usage of single use plastic bags dropped 86% after the introduction of the 5p charge.  Help stop it creeping back up again and avoid the switch to paper bags. Even if those paper bags are made of recycled paper, there is still an impact on the environment, energy consumption, and of course, it continues a “not so good” lazy habit.

Household And Garden Waste Disposal

Being Green on the Go can pay big dividends at home too.  Most councils now provide free to use bags or bins to separate household waste into compostable items, recycling, clothes and shoes disposal, and of course the rest goes to landfill.  England and Wales have been falling behind the target to recycle at least 50% of waste by 2020. We really can’t blame that on Brexit, even though the lack of mainstream media focus upon the issue may have played its part.  

Make the commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle household goods and waste a personal commitment going into the holidays.   Many households have stocked up on food items, toilet paper, and many other items ahead of Brexit deadlines. We’ve had to deal with the cutbacks to rubbish collection, but there is more that can be done.  Stocking up on biodegradable bin bags and bin liners is be a good place to start because an ordinary plastic bag can take 100 plus years to break down; biodegradable bags can break down to as little as six months.

Ahead of the holidays and the expectation of a long hard cold winter, now is the time to ensure that any household and garden waste disposal is taken care of properly before any further cutbacks to council rubbish services.  For those working and no time, look for a green eco friendly waste removal company who can take care of it for you.

Those who are redecorating for the holidays may find that their local homeless shelter or Freecycle is a convenient way to ensure that their furniture finds a home that can use them.  Many waste removal companies can take care of that for you too. Clearing out the rubbish can also pay dividends ensuring that areas on which dust may have settled is read for a thorough clean.

Clean Without Chemicals 

Although it’s tempting to pick up the products which will kill 99% of the germs in your house, take a moment to think about the cost to the environment and your health.  Buying Green and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products makes sense. Invest in a few common household items, like white vinegar and baking soda, plus an eco friendly detergent, and be set for any cleaning job.  You can do your bit to save the environment, and in the process improve your health and bank balance. Here are 5 key ways to clean without chemicals, which may just help to improve your health along with your bank balance.

  1. Bags make the difference.  Biodegradable bin bags/bin liners will give you the peace of mind that your bag at least will have decomposed by this time next year. That’s a quick win /win.
  2. Dust without chemicals.  Yes, it is possible. Even electronics need the occasional dusting, and usually just a swipe with a dry microfiber cloth is enough.  For the rest of your home, if you don’t want to use a slightly damp duster or microfiber cloth, look online for a simple recipe of water, vinegar, olive oil and use your preferred essential oil to make it smell nice and fresh.
  3. Mop without chemicals.  For floors, leave out the olive oil, and keep the vinegar, and add a zesty essential oil like lemon for that clean smell.
  4. Bathroom Cleaning without chemicals. For toilets, in addition to the vinegar, add some baking soda.  Then leave it for 15 minutes before scrubbing down. For the rest of the bathroom, including the mirrors, just use a mix of 50% white vinegar and water, and add your zesty essential oil if you prefer.
  5. Kitchen Cleaning without chemicals. That 50/50 spray will be fine on all non-porous surfaces.  To clean the fridge and household bins, just use some baking soda to water which will also help deodorise them as well.  Microwave cleaning those baked on splashes and stains, try heating a cup of water for 2-5 minutes and then, unplug and use plain water.  Stainless steel may need the additional help of an eco-friendly detergent which you can also use to clean your dishes.

A Note About Laundry

Laundry products are big business.  They also offer some of the best ways to go green.  Although cooking up your own laundry soap may be beyond most people looking to go green, there are still some simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.  First, look for eco-friendly, biodegradable laundry soaps – do your research before you shop as some may still have toxic chemicals which may not be on the label. As for conditioners, just use a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to soften clothes, no chemicals needed.

Making Memories Instead Of Mistakes

Enjoy the holidays in your sparkly green cleaned home, knowing you’ve done your bit to help the environment, and saved a bundle on unmercenary cleaning products too. Developing these thoughtful habits will also help reduce stress about unnecessary decisions and leave more time for having fun and making memories.