What Is Green Cremation? Everything You Need to Know

green cremation

Did you know that cremation is now more popular than a traditional burial in the U.S? Do you care about the environment and want to look at an eco-friendly option? Did you know that green cremations exist and are a great option when you care about the earth?

In this article, explore what exactly a green cremation is, and what your options are for you and your loved ones. Read on to explore why eco-friendly cremation is a growing trend year after year, and how beneficial it is.

Burial vs Cremation

Many choose cremation over burial since you can choose eco-friendly options and since it’s easier on the wallet. Another plus is the fact that it saves on land space as well.

Today, many are concerned about the burial route since it’s taking up so much land when industrialization takes up land as it is. While traditional cremation can raise questions about the release of gases in the air, you do have the option of green cremation.

Keep in mind that some cultures and religions prefer cremation, while others don’t. Find out your loved one’s preferences well in advance. If they pass suddenly, look into the rules of their religious beliefs of burial vs cremation, and their hobbies for planning a ceremony.

What Is Green Cremation?

Another term for green cremation is bio-cremation. It’s known as an eco-friendly cremation option. Potassium hydroxide and water are used in order to turn the body back into its original element.

Water Cremation

Another term for water cremation is alkaline hydrolysis. This is where alkaline compounds and water are used to turn the body into its natural element. It’s a quick process taking only a few hours, and then your loved one’s body will become fertilizer for the earth.

Afterward, you can keep the remains, which is the same as regular cremation. You won’t have to worry about any dangerous emissions going into the air as with fire cremations. It also uses less energy than the traditional route.

Planning a Cremation Ceremony

If your loved one decides to have an eco-friendly cremation, you can decide what type of ceremony you’d like to honor their life. Since your loved one is easier to transport after the cremation, there are more options for places to hold the ceremony.

You don’t have to worry about rushing to have a funeral either and can take your time planning the right ceremony for your loved one. Whereas, traditional burials have a timestamp in place.

When you’re ready to plan out the ceremony, you can send out an invite to family and friends who you want to attend. Decide the events that’ll take place that day, and who will do what.

If it’s private land or a park, you’ll need to get permission first. This will help you avoid a park ranger from stopping the ceremony.

After the ceremony, you can give all of those who attended the funeral a keepsake. If your loved one enjoyed golfing, consider a golf ball, or if they loved baking, consider a treat. It’ll let your guests know you appreciated them attending the funeral.

Cremation Ceremony Ideas

There are plenty of ideas for cremation ceremony ideas, from scattering at the sea to a traditional burial. You can still have a traditional funeral service for your loved one. When determining the best location, think of what your loved one enjoyed, whether they loved the water, mountains, or helping others.

Scattering Out to Sea

If your loved one enjoyed the water, you can consider scattering their ashes out in the sea. There are different urns you can choose to prevent the ashes from blowing everywhere, such as a biodegradable urn. This urn will dissolve over time.

If you decide to scatter out at sea, make sure that you get permission if necessary. Find out if the area is public or private.

A Service Event

You can have a community service event for more of a traditional route. It’s a great way to remember your loved one and reminisce.

Another great option during this is to hold a volunteer event where you give back to the community. If your loved one was really interested in giving back to the community, it might be the perfect way to honor them.

A Ceremony at Home

Whether you’re looking to save a bit more or have a more private ceremony, you can hold it at home. Invite close family and friends over to your home for the event.

Aerial Scattering

If they loved to fly or travel, consider hiring someone with a small plane to scatter your loved one’s ashes. You can choose a specific location that was special to them. Make sure that you hire someone who is familiar with aerial scattering so you don’t have to worry about the ashes blowing back toward you.

Memorial Service

Consider having the memorial service where you plan on scattering the ashes. In can be similar to a traditional service where loved ones speak about their memory. You can take pictures of your loved one to the location, have different keepsakes for guests, and plan to have a picnic after or go to a restaurant.

Well in advance you can decide what music, readings, and prayers will be included if any. You’ll also need to decide whether you’ll be scattering the ashes, or taking the urn home with you.

Exploring All About Green Cremation

Now that you’ve read about green cremation, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you and your loved ones. Would you like to learn more about other ways to remain environmentally-friendly in day to day life? Check out our other articles for everything from how to make your home more sustainable, to overcoming sleep disorders.