Green Enough? New Book from Leah Segedie Helps Mom Help Families Eat Better, Live Cleaner and Be Happier

Leah Segedie

In Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!), Mamavation blogger Leah Segedie uncovers the truth behind the food and household products that are misleadingly labeled “all-natural” and healthy but are actually filled with chemicals and toxins. From furniture to packaged food, Segedie guides readers through detoxifying their homes, diets, and lifestyles and how to make the best choices possible.

She exposes the brands and products that contain toxic and hormone-disrupting ingredients and gives guidelines on choosing safer products and organic produce that are free from toxic and persistent pesticides. She goes onto instruct readers on making the move to meat, dairy, and eggs that are free of antibiotics, GMOs, growth hormones, and dangerous pathogens. She explains at what phases of childhood children are the most vulnerable and need more protection and includes delicious and kid-approved recipes to help detoxify readers’ cooking routines. It’s not about being perfect or 100% clean―none of us are―it’s about being green enough.