Green Gifting For The Holidays

Here are some green gift ideas to make this holiday season the most eco-friendly yet…

(re) x hangersBetter Hangers

(re) x , an eco-design company, recently launched its own line of 100% recycled hangers made from previously ocean and ocean-bound plastic. (re) x (pronounced re-to-the-x) was founded by fashion designer Paulina Quintana whose mission is to reduce consumers’ environmental footprint by eliminating the need for products made from virgin plastic while delivering a fantastic, durable, and more versatile product.

“Not only are the hangers good for the environment, but they are also more functional and effective,” says Quintana, founder and chief designer of (re) x . In addition to being more sustainable, the company’s hangers are engineered to last longer than conventional plastic hangers. The hangers come in nine colors. You can buy a 10-pack for $20 directly from (re) x, and it will ship in compostable cornstarch-derived bioplastic wrapping from The Better Packaging Co.

The Tokki Bow-Card

The Tokki combines thoughtful technology with a beautiful, reusable bow that makes any gift unforgettable. Simply scan the QR code with your camera app, view your message (& do a little happy dance!), then save forever in your Tokki album. Reuse it again & again for unlimited joy!

The bow-card can be rescanned and reused an unlimited number of times, and the attached grosgrain ribbon is sourced from recycled water bottles. If you’re giving someone a gift, scan the bow-card’s QR code to create a virtual card that you can dress up with a photo, video or GIF right from your phone. Then clip the bow-card to your gift. For best eco results, wrap gift reusing a scarf, colorful napkin or even a plain paper bag– anything goes! The Tokki Bow-Card turns anything into a beautiful gift. Your gift recipient can open their photo/video card just by scanning the QR code. Tokki Cards can also be saved into an online Tokki Album.

Tokki Bow-Cards are designed to be reused over and over – hundreds of times! Sign up to receive an alert each time your Tokki Bow-Card is regifted. Rescan and reuse! More use = more fun. Get your directly from Tokki or on….

Style Witch Beauty Products

From hair products to body wash and lip balm to even a diaper cream – with The Style Witch product line, you can shop for everyone on your list. Each product has a unique small batch number to showcase the craft beauty experience. Consider these top sellers for the perfect gift idea:

  • Batch No. 3 Color Protection Shampoo – conditioning ingredients to gently cleanse all hair types and revitalize color treated hair. Enjoy a soft, natural hint of lime ($30)
  • Batch No. 4 Color Protection Conditioner – a lush burst of deep hydration for all hair types. Perfect for nourishing color treated locks with the soft scent of mango ($32)
  • Batch No. 9 Lavender Vanilla Face, Hand & Body Wash – a pretty, soft, sweet blend of vanilla and calming lavender. The scent is divine, and you’ll want to use it for every wash ($26)
  • Batch No.13 Biodegradable Shampoo Granules – this powdered shampoo is the perfect addition to a travel case or camping gear. Just add water and emulsify. Use it for shampooing hair, body, hands and even dishes.  ($27)
  • Batch No. 16 Curl Crème  This product is a styling crème. Perfect for short hair styling, smoothing curls without frizz. Can also be used as a beard or mustache softener or for extreme softness use a leave-in conditioner ($31)

The Style Witch exclusive product line was created by master hair stylist and salon owner Cara Weber. Every product has been handpicked to amplify natural beauty for men and women, without harmful chemicals that can compromise the health and wellbeing of those using them and the earth. “I’ve always dreamed of creating a salon grade product line and when the pandemic hit, I used the time at home to make my dream a reality and give my clients the salon experience from afar” said Cara Weber, owner of The Style Witch. “As a new mom it was even more important to me than ever to create a clean line that anyone can use, even my own child.”

The products are clean, contain natural and organic ingredients, but what really makes the new line stand out from the crowd is that the packaging is made with biodegradable wheat straw.

Shop all 19 products on Amazon Prime at The Style Witch shop, or in the salon. Prices range from $21-$32.

Eco-Friendly Pet Food

One of the largest contributing factors to your pet’s carbon “paw print” is their food. Canidae is leading the charge, having released their eco-friendly line of dog food, Sustainwhich features premium recipes made with responsibly sourced proteins like wild-caught Alaskan Salmon, cage-free, humanely raised chicken, and ingredients farmed using regenerative farming practices.

Their packaging is comprised of 40% post-consumer recycled materials – the most you’ll see from any pet food brand. Currently available at major retailers/e-tailers like Petco and