Trick Your Toilet

Our old commodes might use from three to seven gallons of fresh water per flush. Since the average American household flushes 10 to 20 times per day, that’s up to 140 gallons of water wasted per family, per day! Retrofit your throne with a Toilet Tank Bank water displacement bag from Niagara Conservation. Just fill the durable bag with water, close the airtight valve, and hang on the inside of your toilet tank. The Toilet Tank Bank retails for about $1, and can save 0.8 gallons of water per flush. Available at many sites, including —Kristen O”Neill

Water You Doing?

Traditional irrigation techniques produce water waste through runoff, leaching and evaporation, but DRiWATER‘s “time-release water” gets right to the root of the problem. The product is a gel made from 98% water and 2% food grade ingredients, and it’s a good fit for lazy gardeners and committed greens. Just plant the gel packs in the ground, and there’s no need to water for up to three months. CONTACT: DRiWATER, (800) 255-8458, —K.O.

Air Care

If you suspect your house is making you sick, you’re probably right, says the company Waterwise. What’s in your indoor air? Everything from dust, dander and pollens to carbon monoxide (from fireplaces), live dust mites, mold, bacteria and pollutants from air fresheners. Rather than live in a backyard tent, consider Waterwise’s Airwise Air Purifier ($449 for rooms up to 350 square feet; $549 for those up to 1,500 square feet). The Airwise uses a process called photocatalysis to “oxidize odors, settle dust, reduce allergens and destroy viruses, bacteria and mold” according to a company release. Without fans or filters, it also makes for easy maintenance…except you”ll have to replace the “photocatalytic lamp module” to the tune of $99-$199 each year. CONTACT: Waterwise, (800)874-9028, —Brita Belli