How Green Is That…March Madness Party?

Before inviting friends and family over to celebrate college basketball’s biggest tournament, choose snacks and drinks that are better for your guests’ and the planet’s health. Here are a few options that will ensure your party is a winner:

March Madness'  /></p><p><strong>1. Beer: <em>Sierra Nevada Pale Ale</em> </strong>(about $15.99/12-pack) is a tasty beer from one of America’s greenest breweries. Powered by fuel-cell and solar technology, this brewery operates under strict standards in recycling, water conservation and carbon dioxide and head recovery. There’s even a charging station on-site for electric or hybrid vehicles. <a

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2. Chili: Eden Organic Four Chili Sampler ($9.63) makes it easy to offer your guests a wide variety of this sports party staple in combos like Black Bean & Quinoa and Kidney Bean & Kamut. Their beans are grown on organic family farms in the U.S. and packaged in BPA-free cans.

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3. Chips & Salsa: Garden of Eatin’ offers a wide variety of organic tortilla chips (about $2.45/bag) made with white, blue or red corn. Dip them in Amy’s Organic Black Bean & Corn Salsa (about $6.59/jar) or more traditional Organic Mild or Medium Salsas.;