How Green Is That Music Festival?

Many of this summer’s music festivals are providing good grooves without the hefty carbon footprint.

Mountain Jam (Hunter, New York, May 29—31) will provide biodegradable and recycled products, set up central water locations and share green tips on its website.

Bonnaroo (Manchester, Tennessee, June 11-14) is one of only six festivals to win the Outstanding Green Festival Award, and commits itself to decreasing and offsetting its CO2 output and energy usage. It also partners with CleanVibes, an eco-minded waste management company.

High Sierra Music Festival (Quincy, California, July 2—5) encourages people to post on its “Ride Board” to find a carpool partner to travel to the carbon-neutral event. The festival also works with local farmers to compost organic scraps.

The Rothbury Festival (Rothbury, Michigan, July 2-5), Gathering of the Vibes (Bridgeport, Connecticut, July 23-26) and Lollapalooza (Chicago, Illinois, August 7-9) are also green-leaning fests worth checking out.