How Green Is That Umbrella? Spring Into New Rain Repelling Options

Welcome April showers with these recycled rain-repelling options…

1. The Brelli

With a bamboo frame and a specialized clear canopy, the Brelli ($48) is completely biodegradable, and takes less than five years to biodegrade. What’s more, a discarded Brelli will not release any harmful gases into the environment.

2. Totes Eco “Brella

The Eco “Brella ($30) has a bamboo handle, a canopy composed of 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and a frame of recycled aluminum, for an umbrella made of 70% recycled material.

3. Crate and Barrel Coby Eco Umbrella

A 100% recycled polyester canopy and a frame crafted from 70% recycled material make up the Coby Eco Umbrella ($26.95), complete with a hemp strap and a water-repellant silicone and waterproof acrylic coating.

4. Monsoon Vermont Trashion Umbrella

Each one-of-a-kind Trashion Umbrella ($60) is specially crafted from discarded plastic materials found in the streets and waterways of Indonesia. Proceeds support the YE (Yayasan Emmanuel) Water Program in Jakarta.