Holiday Decorations: We Are Tired of Tinsel

Credit: Tracey Adams, FlickrCCOver the past few years, more people have moved away from plastic as they decorate for the holidays.  This year, more than ever, shoppers are choosing to bring in a new decade by making a statement with their decorations.

Lighting up with LED

Everyone loves seeing cheery Christmas lights.  For after dark lighting, many households have turned to LED lighting which uses far less energy to spread a bit of good cheer.  More of the huge external displays are making use of solar power collections to fuel them after dark, helping ease the energy burden for cost conscious homeowners.  

This just make sense to those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.  Some local councils and municipalities have even turned off their extra Christmas lighting after 11pm, thus saving some money paying the costs for it.   

However, across the country, fewer homes are making huge external displays.  Rather, they are turning to the past and getting very creative in ways to bring in the spirit of the season in many other ways.

A Real Wreath For The Door

With the huge range of Christmas Door decorations, which can come stylized to suit any door, from one with cheery Holly berry ascents to having pinecones woven in as well, there are many ways to move past having a plastic wreath on the door wreath.

Many families looking to become more eco friendly have opted for the lovely scent of pine or juniper woven throughout to bring that fresh woods smell into the home every time the door is opened.  Those who don’t want to make their own can easily find options available from many garden centers, online shops and of course Etsy and Amazon. 

Decorating the Home

All over the world, many people have set out their festive poinsettias wrapped in a cheery pots or homemade festive holders to set off their favorite spots throughout their homes.  Poinsettias don’t really like a cold draft, so remember to move out of any flue draft if chimney dampers are left open to enjoy a live fire. With the proper care, they can thrive all year round and be enjoyed for many years.   

Of the many other flowers popular throughout the holidays, those lucky enough to have a Christmas cactus blooming at just the right time can also can their blessings.  Having some elegant Cyclamen, with its heart shaped leaves and bright blossoms always gives a lift. For those with a green finger, watching an Amaryllis bloom and grow is always a treat.

From simple winter flowers to luxurious table decorations, making memories is much more fun with bright stunning flower displays which everyone can enjoy.   Having a bright floral display can also help through the long grey days of winter, providing many days of enjoyment.

Laying The Table For Everyone At Christmas

Whether you are volunteering at a homeless shelter, hospice or hospital, or having your own family around to celebrate the holidays, there are many ways to extend the joy of the season without breaking the bank.  Unfortunately, many would go without the timely donations from foodbanks, just remember to check what is needed most.

In your own home, try investing in table settings with real napkins which express your own festive flair.   Decorating the table with wooden holiday theme centerpieces interspersed with your favorite flowers, is sure to be a hit no matter how many people come for dinner.

A Real Tree for Christmas

Those who want a real tree for Christmas and are prepared to make sure it gets watered are opting more and more for a smaller tree which can be planted out after the holidays.  Obviously, most people don’t have enough space themselves to plant out their trees, but a few quick calls to a local regeneration project may be just the way to find a good home for it.

There are many plastic free options available if going for a fake tree.  Those who have opted for cut trees are choosing from a variety of no drop options.  Many can be ordered online and delivered straight to the home for those who are working extra hours leading up to the holidays.  

Just make sure to check the local schedule for the disposal and recycling all Christmas trees, these are usually early in January.   Real trees can be completely recycled, shredded into wood chippings which are used locally in parks or woodland areas.  

Out With The Tinsel, In With The New

With so many sustainable choices, being eco friendly is becoming chic.  As we go into a new decade, saying goodbye to tinsel forever may be the easiest New Year’s Resolution to keep.  There are many other ways to continue becoming more eco friendly, from reducing the use of plastics of all types to switching to sustainable sources of tissues.