Home Appliances To Upgrade For Better, Greener Efficiency

With the rising presence of climate change, most people are making conscious decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether to your home, office, or lifestyle, making such changes will often result in other benefits as well such as higher efficiency or lower costs in the long run. 

As household appliances such as your heating boiler and lights are used daily and for a prolonged period of time, there;s much room for improvement. Let this article be a guide if you are looking for ways to upgrade your older home appliances in the name of better, greener efficiency.

Replace Your Dryer with A Drying Rack

One of the easiest ways to save costs and electricity is to replace your dryer with a clothing or drying rack. These inexpensive tools are typically foldable and lightweight, making them easy to use and put away. Aside from the fact that purchasing a dryer can be a large investment, this appliance can also be a serious energy hog, making it one of the costliest and least environmentally-friendly appliances in your home.

Letting your garments air dry allows the fabric to better maintain its quality. The heat and centrifuge of the dryer can seriously damage clothing. Hanging your clothes allows them to dry wrinkle free while maintaining their quality and reduce chances of wear and tear. In the long run, this also means you will not have to spend as much on replacing clothes.

Replacing Your Old Heating Boiler

People with conventional boilers may have experienced issues such as carbon monoxide leakages and air pollution from the waste gases that the boiler emits. Upgrading your heating boiler for a newer and greener model will mean an increase in efficiency and possible decrease in costs.

When searching for a new heating boiler, make sure to check the annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) score. The AFUE score measures the efficiency of a heating boiler, hence the rating tells you how much of the energy your heating boiler consumes is transferred into usable heat.

As a result, modern boilers are obligated to have an AFUE rating of at least 80 percent. A better energy efficiency means that the heating boiler is able to produce steam with as little energy as possible as well as less fuel to reach complete capacity and create full steam. On top of that, sustainable boilers also cause less air pollution. This is because green heating boilers generally release fewer greenhouse gases into the air.

Replace Old Bulbs With LED Lighting

If you have not already, switching your old bulbs to Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs can save up to 80 percent in energy. When compared to traditional bulbs, LED bulbs are durable, energy efficient, and offer an exceptional colour range. These handy bulbs benefit from a better lifespan as LED bulbs can last up to 25 percent longer than traditional lights. In addition, LED bulbs are safer than older bulbs as they emit almost no forward heat. That’s why LED bulbs consume less energy and are economically smart.

Install A Low-flow Shower Head

Taking a shower can be costly practice — both on the environment and on your wallet. Installing a low-flow shower head is a relatively easy way to save your water consumption. Low-flow shower heads are equipped with water-saving technologies which helps to conserve water.

You can recognize low-flow shower heads by looking for models that are WaterSense-certified. According to the Energy Policy Act (EPA), a showerhead can attain the WaterSense label if they use less than 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM).

Opt For A Smart Thermostat

Lastly, installing a smart thermostat is a great option to make your home more sustainable. A smart thermostat has the ability to learn your household’s pattern and as a result allows you to schedule your preferential temperature settings. Plus, this environmentally savvy tool can be controlled from anywhere and any time through the smart thermostat app.

Installing a small thermostat gives you better control over the heating of your home and can result in using energy more efficiently. This innovative solution also gives you increased insight on your energy habits, which in turn gives you more control over your spending.