Home Depot Offers Eco Options

Home Depot"s Eco Options label will identify sustainable lumber.© Getty Images

Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retail chain, announced last week that it will soon start to label thousands of items in its U.S. stores as environmentally friendly to help consumers concerned about their ecological footprints. The company started the program in Canada in 2004, and expects to roll it out to U.S. stores over the next few months. To kick of the effort on American soil, the company gave away a million energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs on April 22 in celebration of Earth Day.

While 2,500 products will initially bear Home Depot’s "Eco Options" label, the company expects to add items on an ongoing basis. Some of the current Eco Options offerings include all-natural insect repellents, front-loading washing machines, organic plant food and vegetables in biodegradable pots. To carry the label, a given product must either be environmentally friendly by definition, such as solar lights that capture sunlight to illuminate their bulbs, or have met certain environmental performance criteria according to an independent certification organization (like the Forest Stewardship Council for lumber, for example).

Source: Home Depot