Homestead Hippie: Sustainable Living Resources For The Future Generation

Who’s Behind It?

Hi there, my name is Siobhain. Creator and founder of Homestead Hippie. By qualification I am a Sports Therapist and Pilates Instructor. By love I am a ‘all things nature’ enthusiast. Being outside is one of my all-time favourite things, as is living in a sustainable and mindful way.

Why Was Homestead Hippie Born?

Having three stepchildren, I saw how children of today were so used to food coming from packets and supermarkets, in pretty perfect shape and to add to this, how glued to screen time they are.

homestead hippieIt’s almost scary the addiction children have to tablets, phones, computers and the likes. Science is proving we have a generation of people chemically addicted to dopamine releases from electronics.

This caused me serious concern for not only my stepchildren but all children of today, and for mother nature herself. How would the Earth fair with a generation entirely disconnected to nature and entirely connected to technology? And, how would that future generation survive with a technological life; which is already causing a known increase in mental health issues, technology induced ADHD and ADD, and illiteracy.

As well as concern, I was conscious of the increasing prices of supermarket bought food. And the amount of processing, pesticides and growth retardants that are now a common coating for most of our ‘fresh’ produce.

And, how local farmers were suffering as a result of this big chain supermarket take over.

I felt instantly the need to start doing better when it came to what we eat, where it comes from and how we educate ourselves, and I wanted my family to learn with me.

So, having already got passionfruit, mangoes, lemons, limes, figs and oranges growing on our property, I decided to start a small veggie patch. But, a patch with a difference.

I came across propagation and tried it myself with a fruit barn bought tomato from a local farmer. When I saw how one tomato gave me multiple successful tomato plants, I was amazed and had to share this.

What Is Homestead Hippie?

After seeing how my tomato experiment worked. I was hooked and was propagating everything and anything. We ditched the supermarket and started buying our produce from our local source.

Each time we did a shop, I tried propagating anything I could. Garlic, Capsicum, Potatoes, Onions and so on.

I started to make E-books as I went, with the idea my stepchildren could learn and do this with me. E-books turned into word searches, colouring pages, match up cards and al kinds of activities.

And this was what Homestead Hippie became. A 100% resource library for anyone to download activities and information for children to learn to grow their own food, upcycle, recycle and understand more about why we should eat well, get outside and look after the planet.

Who Is It For?

Homestead Hippie is for anyone wanting to learn more about living sustainably and eating well from your own crop.

But, it is aimed at children. Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, Schools, Kids Clubs, Kindergartens, Home Schooling Parents, Tutors, Orphanages – all in this list are using Homestead Hippie resources.

We even had a group of school children in Sydney use Homestead Hippie to help them with a presentation on sustainable living at a conference.

This is when I realized how much good Homestead Hippie can do and started adding more educational information into the resources.

What’s The Future For Homestead Hippie?

We now have a School Sustainability Program in the wings specifically for use of Schools, Orphanages and Home-Schooling Parents.

A monthly package of goodies (workbooks, physical activities and experiments, colouring pages, projects and peer learning activities) to be used as extra-curricular or curricular activities and lessons for children aged 2-11.

Included in the package, the resources are not just focused on growing your own food from scratch and sustainability of the Earth. But, the sustainability of human health too. Mental, Physical and Emotional.

Something that I think is so important of the world today. Teaching our children selfcare and how to live a balanced and healthy life in all aspects. I call this Human Performance. Something which I teach adults! 

How Do I Get The Resources?

For everyday use you can sign up to  – you will get instant access to a bank of resources with new resources added on a regular bases. This is a membership format but is 100% free and ALWAYS will be.

For Homestead Hippie School Sustainability Program, inquire here: