The Benefits To Investing In A Honda Post Driver

Honda post driverA Honda post driver is a properly engineered tool designed to make work easier with regards to fitting fence posts in the ground. This heavy-duty machine serves to drive posts with a diameter of up to 3⅛” perfectly into the ground.

The Honda post driver has a 2’’ adapter sleeve that serves to drive rods, stakes, rebars, and posts with a diameter ranging to 1⅞” into the ground. This post driver is an all-in-one tool that is 100% self-contained. This piece of equipment is very easy to lift up, move around, and carry down on the fence line. It can drive posts by half the time that a manual driver can take.

Ideally, the Honda post driver basically serves to make work really easy. It is powered by a GX35 4-stroke engine that can be described in the best terms possible as super powerful.

The question that needs to be answered is what benefit do you stand to obtain by investing in a Honda post driver. To answer that question, it’s important to first get an understanding of the features and specifications of this piece of equipment and its scope of performance.

The features of the Honda post driver are:

  1. It is fitted with a very high-performance 4-stroke Honda GX35 petrol engine that exhibits exemplary performance when put to task.
  2. It has a throttle trigger that serves to increase and decrease the power of the engine. It does so by applying pressure.
  3. It is very reliable and highly durable and is fitted with an easy and smooth recoil starting system.
  4. It has rubber handles that have a soft grip and a very extensive spring vibration dampening system.
  5. The fitted throttle adjustor serves to make the post driver more responsive equipment in that it allows for simple adjustments to be done.
  6. Included in the machine are 4 head sleeve adaptors, namely the 1 x 20-45mm adaptor, 1 x 55mm adaptor, 1 x 73mm adaptor, and the 1 x 80mm adaptor, which are all able to handle different kinds of tasks.

The Honda post driver is best suited for stakes, pipes, and round posts with a small diameter. It knocks the stakes, pipes, and posts and drives them firmly to the ground.

A customer who made a purchase of the Honda post driver was thrilled by the performance of this machine. To paraphrase what he gave as his review after using this machine, he stated that this post driver ‘works like a charm’.

Being that it is an overhead lift, it is quite easy to lift up from the ground, place it on top of a post, drive the post to the ground, and disconnect the machine off from the post. It’s quite easy to start, has easy to understand instructions and very simple and intuitive controls.

It works a million times better compared to driving down posts manually by hand using a metal sleeve. The ergonomics are excellent. You don’t have to overstretch your fingers and hands when using the Honda post driver.

Even on tough ground with concrete, the Honda post driver still drives down posts quick and easy without making you feel tired and worn out.


So now you know the benefits of this wonderful equipment. You don’t have to struggle again driving down posts manually and wearing yourself off. Get yourself a Honda post driver today and make your work easy.