Honoring the Earth

The Indigo Girls Tour to Benefit Native American Environmentalism

Giggling and nervous, the young boys in eagle headdresses, feathers, and jingling deerskin boots swooped across the makeshift stage. At their backs, a diffident corps of Walatowan drummers pounded out a thudding beat on their massive instruments. Mischievous four-year-olds slipped on the roadie’s headphones and bobbed their heads to the music. Across the gym, a passing boy playfully mugged for a string of Nikons and videocams, while others flashed peace signs to the crowd. The kids were clearly amused by the media attention, the famous rock stars and their musical gear. But to the New Mexican pueblo village, the concert promised much more: Folk-rockers the Indigo Girls and Native American activist Winona LaDuke were there to help them raise money for consciousness, and to defend their land and culture from a new form of cavalry charge.