How A Routine Can Help Facilitate A Stable Work Life Balance

There are only so many hours in a day and the busyness of life can often make it seem like there are not enough of them. Jobs, family or social life, and personal responsibilities can easily begin to overlap due to this lack of time. Finding ways to manage all of this simultaneously can be a difficult task. Focusing too much on one of these areas will cause stress or harm to the others. It is important to make the most of the available hours in the day by being efficient and wise with time management. Many refer to this as a work life balance and finding that balance can prove beneficial in a variety of ways. Michelle Broderick, the CMO at Esalen Institute, spoke on this balance, “I actually love to work. So to me, work life balance is not about limiting the number of hours that I work, but it’s making the most of the hours that I work. I want the majority of my hours at work to feel energizing and I should feel like I did good work by the end of the day.”

Finding and settling into assorted routines within the different areas of life can be an impactful way to create harmony. We connected with a few business executives to discover how a routine can help facilitate a stable work life balance. 


Matt Miller is the founder and CEO of Embroker, a company specializing in simple, industry-specific, business insurance. He believes that constructing routines within one’s life can cause a person to be much more productive than they were previously.

“Sometimes, people view routines as some boring, habitual thing that they, or others, get stuck in. The same thing day after day as a concept doesn’t seem like the most engaging thing. However, everyone participates in a routine in some form or another. Whether it’s coffee in the morning or working out, routines are staples of life. Extending routines further within your life can be a great advantage. Routines can be used to devise the most effective use of time and will help avoid wasted time. If you know what’s coming next in your day, you can be better prepared for it and find ways to make the most of it. “


Another word for routine is schedule. If time is a valuable commodity, then creating a schedule is equivalent to budgeting. A healthy work life balance is very similar to a healthy work life balance. Bill Glaser, the CEO of Outstanding Foods, a plant-based snack company, spoke on the benefits of a schedule as it relates to a work life balance.

“Routines can provide a sense of stability. Waking up at the same time every day, starting your work at the same time and taking breaks at specified times during the day can help you not only be more productive but also feel more balanced. People are realizing like never before the importance of work-life balance these days. Establishing a routine can only enhance your own work-life balance.”

Physical health

Tinto Amorio is an adult beverage company which focuses on Spanish spritzes and cocktails. Their founder, Anish Patel, suggests incorporating a routine which places a priority on physical health because this can quickly take a backseat.

“Numerous jobs in our society result in a lack of physical exercise. You can quickly find yourself sitting at a desk and only moving your hands or arms for the majority of your week. A lifestyle dedicated to this will result in displeasure and a lack of energy. A healthy work life balance means filling out your life with a wide range of outlets. Find a personal way to engage your body as a way to balance out that lack of exercise your current job may offer. I think you’ll notice a significant improvement in your quality of life.”

Mental health

Corey Ashton Walters is the founder and CEO of Here. They offer a service where customers can invest in vacation rentals in a similar way to which one would invest in stocks. He advises people to take care of their mental wellbeing as health in this area is essential.

“No matter how you cut it, life is stressful. But an unhealthy life is even more so. Additional worry, concern, or discomfort can cause the responsibilities of life to feel overwhelming. Thankfully, the conversation around mental health continues to expose the importance of maintaining your wellness. A routine which involves taking care of yourself by stepping away from the stressors of life is absolutely necessary. Take the time for the things that make you who you are and bring happiness.”

Steer clear of multitasking

Accomplishing more than one project at a time may seem like an appealing solution to making the most of the hours in the day. Nonetheless, this approach can often result in distraction and a misuse of time. Sarah Pirrie, the brand director for Healist Naturals, a health and wellness brand featuring CBD products, advocated for singular focus. 

“The common misconception regarding multitasking is that people are doing multiple things simultaneously. The reality is that they’re moving between tasks very quickly and that can cause more exhaustion than if they were to concentrate on the task in front of them. It’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle of changing focus. Utilizing the structure of a routine can help delegate when to work on specific things before moving on to the next.”


Rooted is an agriculture company specializing in DIY plant growth. Their co-founder and CEO, Ryan Lee, believes a routine of connecting with the significant people in one’s life should be fundamental.

“A precedence of prioritizing work over everything is inherently unhealthy. It can result in a personal perception of loneliness which can engulf your thought life. When considering how to find a healthy work life balance, be sure to find consistent time with friends, family, partners and other influential people in your life. A job can be replaced but the love, support and personal value that comes with these relationships is priceless.”

Personal time

Michael Jankie is the founder of The Natural Patch Co., a health and wellness company featuring sticker patches to provide solutions to stress relief, sleep issues and even mosquitos. He suggests creating a routine dedicated to time for personal interests.

“Part of finding stability in life is realizing you can’t always be outwardly focused. Work and relationships involve placing your attention outside yourself. While doing that is necessary to a successful life, it’s crucial to take time for yourself. Read that book for pleasure that you’ve been putting off. Start a new hobby or project. Go for that drive. Be intentional about finding a regular time to simply be yourself without limitations. You’ll be a healthier person for it.”

You’re in control

The 40-hour work week is a routine of its own and not every routine is a healthy one. That is not at all to say one should show up to work whenever they feel like it. When it is professionally acceptable, it is wise to establish boundaries and defend your time. Kanish Gupta, the founder and CEO of Hightouch, a customer data management solution, said as much. 

“Working overtime has happened to everyone. Sometimes a demanding project could eat up more time than you initially planned for. But, there are ineffective uses of time within the professional world such as endless email chains or personally irrelevant meetings. Realize that you’re the authority of your own time and a work routine is perfectly acceptable.”

A high-quality work life balance requires constant attention and creativity. There are a great number of routines which allow for a healthy lifestyle and they’re worth investing in. The rewarding give and take of that balance was put best by Terri Bertakis, the founder and brand designer for Future Present Branding, “For me it’s balancing between giving to others and nourishing back to myself. It’s also about setting some boundaries to be able to switch off and close the tabs that are open in my mind. I also have to remind myself to have fun and enjoy the journey, and surround myself with great quality friendships and collaborate with people who want to raise their vibration and live their purpose.”