How Algae Supplements Improve Your Immune System

Supplements in the health and beauty world have become a kind of staple, especially because the trends have increased availability to these seemingly secret pockets of health to more and more people. But that also means more supplements are hitting the market and store shelves, including some odd ones you may not have heard of or would not ordinarily consider.

Algae supplements are a newer dietary and health focal point that has recently entered the stage. But what can an algae supplement do for you? Are there any benefits of adding an algae supplement to your routine?

Surprisingly, an algae supplement might do your body more good than you might have initially expected. Something like a little pill can have a tremendous effect on your overall health and introduce a few new and necessary nutrients back into your body, including those you might not have known you were missing in the first place.

What’s in an Algae Supplement?

Every algae supplement’s ingredients will vary from supplement to supplement and brand to brand. However, you can be relatively confident there’s going to be some kind of algae, typically blue algae. Additionally, there might be a few beneficial nutrients that are added to them, depending on the brand.

Some common nutrients are a variety of omega-fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega- 6. However, there could also be some omega fatty acids that you don’t recognize, or at least aren’t as common, like omega-7 and omega-9, which can be extremely helpful for many parts of your body

Further, depending on the quality of the algae supplement you choose, these can also be packed with some superb antioxidants and other nutrients that promote your body’s overall health and wellness.

What are the Benefits of Taking Algae Supplements?

Not only is algae an excellent way for fish and krill to get all the omega fatty acids they need, but it’s also a viable and planet-friendly way of getting all the omega fatty acids you need daily. In addition to taking care of the planet, are there any other benefits of using algae supplements in your regular routine?

Algae supplements can boost your overall wellness all over your body! That means your vision, joints, heart, and brain can benefit from taking algae supplements regularly. What does this look like? Well, algae can be used to help with a plethora of body ailments.

Can Algae Supplements Fight Cancer?

Some kinds of algae, including the blue algae that are frequently used in algae supplements, can potentially have anti-cancer properties. Algae can help your body by reducing tumor size, as well as decreasing the occurrence of cancer in some cases.

There was one study done on people with oral precancerous lesions that tested this. Spirulina, a type of blue algae, might have done something concerning growths. In this study, 45% of those who took the algae orally had their lesions disappear within one year. In this study, only 7% of the affected persons had their lesions disappear.

When the group that took the algae supplement stopped, almost half of them got their lesions back or developed new ones within the following year. This strongly indicates that spirulina, the blue algae, had something to do with keeping the precancerous lesions at bay.

What Other Benefits Can Algae Supplements Have?

Algae has been used in several scientific studies to determine what beneficial properties might be present and valuable to humans, and everything seems promising. While many of these potential uses require more research before anything can be concretely confirmed, many laypeople continue to swear by the usefulness of algae in their regular lives.

For example, some people use algae and algae supplements as protein supplements, potentially aiding them in their abilities to get the necessary macros for their bodies regularly.

Others swear that algae can help treat high blood pressure, as well as fight heightened levels of cholesterol or other fats that might be present in the bloodstream. Because of this, it’s possible that adding algae to you routine can help you maintain your health and resolve a number of health-related issues that you’ve been combating.

Further, some have spoken more broadly about algae and its uses, implying that it can help reduce inflammation in some cases and even exclaiming that algae supplements can promote healthy aging for those who have those concerns.