How Bad Is Water Damage To A House?

Credit: Brett Ciccotelli, FlickrCC

We all want to live in a structurally sound house. As such, we need to be very careful when building a house so that the foundation is constructed professionally. The location of your house has to be suitable and a place where there are no dangers of water damage. You should build your house in a space that is not prone to flooding for you to be assured of the structural integrity of the house.

Sometimes it would be a good idea to consult water mitigation professionals so that you can make the right decisions before you buy a home. Water Damage Mentor is one such company that is always ready to listen to your concerns and offer you the right piece of advice. It is also important that you research the signs of water damage in a house before you buy it. Here are some tips to help you make the right diagnoses of a water-damaged house:

  •         Start by checking the outside of the home. It is quite easy to tell if there are water damage problems by just looking to the outside of a house. Does the house have signs of molds? Does the paint peel off due to previous water damage problems?
  •         Look at the foundation of the house. Is it sound? Is the house structurally stable? Does the ground slope away from the house? You can even ask the seller about inspections by professionals and proof of the same.
  •         By walking around the exterior of the house, it is possible to tell if there has been water damage. Check the downspouts and gutters that evacuate water away from the roof. Do these leak in your assessment?
  •         Inspect the roof and see if there are missing shingles. A leaking roof can lead to damages to the attic. You may also need to inspect the inside of the house and determine if the ceiling has any signs of leaks. The exterior doors and windows frames can also show signs of water damage. Inspect these carefully and make your assessment.

So, how bad can water damage be to a house? Here are some of the dangers to water damaged house:

  1.   It leads to health issues and molds

When there has been water damage to your house, molds will grow and these will cause health problems to the occupants of the house. The molds can be evident when you have allergic reactions when you stay in an affected house. Mold growth will also hurt the aesthetic value of your house. It will discolor the walls by leaving marks of fungi. These things are an eyesore and make the house look unsightly.

  1.   Can damage Furniture and Appliances

This is one of the first casualties of water damage to your house. Assuming that there is a flood or leaking of your roof, your furniture, whether wooden, plastic, or metallic will be affected. When it comes to electronics and electric installation, these will be damaged and there can be a risk of fire in the house in case of short-circuiting. Some kinds of furniture could even turn a different color when they come into contact with water. Remember that there are other types of furniture that can swell depending on the materials they are made from. As such, water damage in your house would for sure destroy your property and cause you a lot of losses.

  1.   Water damage interferes with the structural integrity of the house

This is another bad effect of water damage to your house. Any form of water damage can destroy a wooden floor. Some of these floors are known to swell and therefore require replacement. Carpeted floors will be difficult to clean as a result of water damage. It becomes difficult to vacuum water from the floor. Your walls can also become weak when they are exposed to water damage. The same can be said of the foundations that are exposed to lengthy periods of water or flooding.

What should you do in case of water damage?

So, what are some remedies to water damage to a house? Well, the first thing would be to vacate the house. In case the house is flooded, you should call water mitigation professionals to come and pump out the water. If you notice problems with water issues in your house, you should call professionals early enough before the problem becomes big. You may also need to seek medical care in case the mold has adverse effects on your health. Once the problems of water damage in the house are sorted out, you can return to the house and take precautions in the future.