How Big Companies Can Help the Environment

Big Companies
Businesses need to move with the times and help deal with climate change. Credit: Stock Photography @placeforcreation / CC0

If you want to get ahead in business these days, it’s not enough to have a great product and a desire to make it big. It’s also essential to demonstrate corporate social responsibility. Covering issues from employee well-being and fair trade to community outreach and ethics, corporate social responsibility is all about how the business impacts on the communities around it, both on a local and global scale.

One of the most important factors in corporate social responsibility practice is how the company deals with its impact on the environment. By addressing environmental concerns, businesses can work towards creating a more sustainable future. Whether companies start green initiatives at work, or bring about change on an international scale, every step taken towards a greener future is one worth investing in.

Leading The Charge

When it comes to addressing environmental matters on a global scale, companies such as IKEA are making huge strides forward. By heavily investing in sustainability throughout its entire business operation, IKEA is leading the charge in creating a better, greener business model. With more than 700,000 solar panels powering its stores and 50% of its wood sourced from sustainable foresters, the company is demonstrating that sustainability can be a core part of any business model without negatively impacting revenue.

Outdoor clothing company, Patagonia is showing the world of business how even campaigning against superfluous consumption can work in their favor. By releasing ads that actively encourage their target audience not to buy their products, they are raising their own profile and attracting a like-minded audience. Their products are constructed from natural rubber and recycled bottles, but their ethos is to inspire their customers to reduce and reuse before buying.

big companies
Green business means better business. Credit: Gustavo Quepón / CC0.

Google is another pioneering business that continually demonstrates its commitment to environmental initiatives. By running its facilities on renewable energy, creating efficient data centers and sustainable workplaces, Google is actively working to lead the business world into a greener future.

Changing Methods

Businesses can also look to change the way they currently do things. Hewlett Packard was among one of the first companies to report on its greenhouse gas emissions, before releasing detailed plans on how it would work to reduce them. By incorporating a successful recycling scheme and eliminating toxic substances in manufacturing, the company continues to take responsibility for its impact on the environment.

Although it has not always been considered one of the most environmentally friendly businesses, Nike has made huge changes to its business model to allow for green initiatives. It now features a line of sustainable footwear constructed with recycled polyester. It has also made it mandatory for 650 of its suppliers from around the world to implement their own environmental policies.

The Power Of Influence

Businesses across every industry can also use their global reach to draw attention to environmental matters. Through the power of social media, businesses around the world are able to share information that could be vital in making a change. iGaming specialists PokerStars recently promoted Earth Day to their millions of site users in an attempt to boost awareness of the international event. The company also explained how they have worked to reduce their own impact on the environment, such as by reducing plastic waste, collecting rainwater and providing thermal insulation for their offices.

Starbucks is also known for its commitment to environmental causes, showing huge support for events such as World Environment Day and taking steps to reduce their impact on the world around them. The company leads the way in demonstrating vigorous green building practices for its stores, which has led to 800 locations receiving the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified rating.

With an increasingly large number of businesses and corporations taking responsibility for their impact on the world, it is possible that we could see big changes in the current environmental situation. After all, every small step taken towards a better, brighter future is one that is well worth investing in.