How Can Musicians Be Eco-Friendly?

Being a musician is often associated with having a fun and interesting lifestyle, where you have a lot of freedom to do what you want. However, even if your lifestyle is exciting, you need to ensure that you are still being mindful of the environment. Some musicians, particularly if they are very rich and famous, have quite an indulgent lifestyle which, as a result, can be quite bad for the environment. This includes doing things like owning a private jet, or having an unnecessary number of belongings. Here are a couple of ways that musicians can be more eco-friendly.

Look at Doing More Online Streaming

One thing you can do to be more eco-friendly if you are a musician is to look at doing more online based performances. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this is something that has been happening much more in recent times, so a lot of musicians may have had a bit of practice. By staying at home or in a studio to do some of your performances, you will be reducing the need to travel and therefore reducing your environmental impact. This will also apply to your fanbase, who won’t need to travel either and can watch you perform from the comfort of their own home.

Travel In an Environmentally Friendly Way

If you do decide to travel or go on tour, try and be responsible about this and travel in a way that is environmentally friendly. For example, hiring a private limousine is probably not that environmentally friendly. If you can, you should opt for public transport, or at least get a minivan for you and your team. Getting a simple van is much better for the environment than getting any luxury vehicle, which will probably be kitted out with energy-using fridges and entertainment. You can also personalise this to make it feel more homely.

Give Some Profits to Environmental Charities

Where you can, you should use your profits to benefit a good cause. When you get money for your music, it is easy to want to treat yourself and buy fancy new things. Before you buy anything, stop and ask yourself, ‘Do I need this?’ This will avoid buying things on a whim. Of course, it is completely fine to use your money to buy nice things once in a while, but it is really easy for you to overstep the fine line and become too indulgent. Nice things also feel much more special when they are only bought on occasion, rather than all the time. Instead, consider giving some of your profits to some environmental charities which do amazing work – they are also great to donate to if you don’t personally have time to do eco-activities but want to support them.

Musicians often have a good fanbase and a solid social media following. Therefore, they are the perfect people to inspire others to take good actions and to not spend unnecessarily. Trying to change society’s desires in small ways like this can add up to bigger changes, all of which will be really beneficial for the environment as a whole.