How Green Is That … Christmas Tree? No need to feel guilty with a regular tree

Feel guilty about chopping down a pine tree this Christmas? Think you”ll help the environment by purchasing an artificial tree? Think again. Even if you plan to reuse that artificial tree for years, it’s the most ecologically damaging option this December. Artificial trees are often constructed in China, can contain both lead and PVC, and can even cause an allergic reaction. There’s more: Buying a real, American-grown tree will help our economy more than investing in a Chinese product.

The truth is, you shouldn’t worry about “killing a tree” when you buy a Christmas pine. These trees are crops. When tree farmers cut down a tree, they plant a new one. If you can find a local tree farm that doesn’t use chemical pesticides, you’re golden.

After Christmas, make the effort to get your tree shredded into mulch chips.