How Green Is That … Holiday Light Display? Lovely LED Alternatives to Energy-Wasting Holiday Lights

Celebrating the holidays doesn’t have to mean a serious spike in energy bills. Energy efficient LED holiday lights are now available at many major retailers. The LED lights will illuminate with the same warm glow as your old incandescent bulbs for longer and with 80% less energy. For the full green effect, wrap them around a local farm-grown tree that will be recycled after the holidays.

Home Accents Holiday 250-Light LED M5 Light Set in Multi-Color or White

These mini bulbs ($28.98) are cased in break-resistant durable decorative covers that are cool to the touch when lit, and last up to 25,000 hours for a price that suits a tight holiday

LED Holiday Icicle LightsSet the chill aglow with these LED icicle lights ($22.50/string of 70) which come in dazzling sapphire blue, white, soft white or multicolored. Their white wires are ready for snow, they are weather- and water-resistant, and they can be plugged in end-to-end without worry.

GE Staybright LED 100 Light Net Set in Cool White

Shrubs and bushes will radiate holiday cheer after they’re wrapped with this quick and easy to use Energy Star-certified net light set ($19.99).