How Green Is That… Reusable Bottle?

From Collapsible to Filtered to Stainless Steel: A Brief Reusable Bottle Roundup
1. The Sip N’ Go 17-ounce bottle ($6.99) is reusable and collapsible—so once you’ve quenched your thirst you can fold it, snap it shut and tuck it in your pocket. When it’s full, use the accompanying carrying ring and sturdy clip to attach the Sip N’ Go to a backpack or purse. Not only are these bottles lightweight and shipped flat (making them super-efficient in transit), they’re also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, freezable and U.S.-made.

2. The Bobble has a carbon filter to rid water of chlorine and organic contaminants as you drink. It comes in 13-34 oz. sizes ($8.95-$12.95), lent one of several bright colors by the filter/spout attachment, and is made in the U.S from BPA- and PVC-free recycled PET plastic. Filters ($6.95/each) last through 300 refills.

3. SIGG These Swiss-made aluminum bottles ($17.99-$29.99) are produced with over 55% renewable energy and almost all of the factory’s aluminum scrap is recycled. SIGG bottles are durable, leak-proof and come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs for both adults and kids, from skulls to soccer balls to butterflies.

4. With their distinctive look, including narrow necks and sippy tops for kids, Klean Kanteen bottles stand out. The latest stainless steel, BPA-free bottle even comes without plastic or paint. The Reflect Kanteen (27 oz., $32.95) features laser-etched stainless steel and a bamboo twist top.