How Green Is That… Snack Bag?

Try these eco-friendly food storage alternatives to cut down on one of the world’s most notorious wastes: plastic bags.

Green Home’s Cellulose Bags are 100% biodegradable. Since these uncoated bags are made from plant fibers, they will break down in your compost pile in as few as 30-60 days. Also available are Reusable Organic Cotton Snack Bags, perfect for school lunches or picnics. They come in three handy sizes and five fun patterns. Green Home

The Stainless Steel Food Container from New Wave Enviro is a great alternative to plastic food storage containers. Stainless steel carries no risk of chemical leaching, and it’s durable and easy to clean. Just big enough for sandwiches and snacks, these containers fit perfectly into lunch boxes. New Wave Enviro

Eco Lunch Gear’s Sandwich Wraps and Snack Bags are made from 100% organic cotton, lined with waterproof nylon and have Velcro closures that allow both to double as placemats. And, they can be machine washed and dried. Eco Lunch Gear