How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned On Instagram 

shadowbanIf you have noticed a sudden and significant drop in your Instagram reach you might as well be shadowbanned. Shadowban is used mostly to filter out spam content on the app to ensure the users have a great experience. If you post spam or a bad piece of content, your audience will react badly and Instagram can easily shadowban you as damage control. The ban works in a simple way. Your content can not be viewed by people other than your immediate followers.

Here are some of the ways to fix and avoid a shadowban.

Wait two weeks

This is you who has already been shadowbanned. You can fight a shadowban with more content that has been proven to break the Instagram community guidelines. So if you simply wait it out you will start noticing that the traffic that you once had has started coming back. By waiting it out, it means you stop posting for at least fourteen days.

Buy a promotion

Paying a few dollars sounds small but plays a big role in ensuring your Instagram does not lose its normal reach. The promotion is done on Instagram. You are paying for ads to get new views and more followers. Once you have paid it is quite hard for you to be shadowbanned. Instagram takes it upon itself to ensure that its paying customers are getting back their money worth. 

Switch up your hashtags

If you are guilty of using the same hashtag under each and every content that you post then you are at a disadvantage. A shadowban might befall you sooner or later. The act of using the same hashtag over and over again only shows that your account might be a spam account. You need to be creative and change up one hashtag from another. Another option that can help opt for when it comes to hashtags is by using a hashtag generator and organizer like Task Ant. A hashtag generator acts as a helper whereby it sifts the app and brings out hashtag combinations that are working for others which in turn might work for you too.

Remove all bots

Bots in this case are the software programs that are considered sinister, as per the community guidelines on Instagram. These third-party programs are mostly used for auto-likes, auto-commenting, and growing your following expeditiously. What you need to do is cancel all these third party services that are logged in to your account, that you know are not approved by Instagram, and then go ahead and change your password. Changing the passwords ensures the third-party services will not leech on to your account without your knowledge even after you have canceled them.

Avoid breaking the rules

Instagram is a social platform that acts as a community. The terms put in place on the app are to ensure that the interaction among the users is free-flowing. Breaking the terms will guarantee you a place in the shadowban. Try and skim through or even get an in-depth read on the guidelines to avoid falling victim.