How To Choose A Bike Lock

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Riding a bike every day is a great help to prevent illnesses like heart diseases, obesity, arthritis, and many more. It is also convenient when you are riding to a place which is just near you. You can use it when you take a ride to the park, to school, or the market when you need to buy something. Using a bike will also help you avoid experiencing traffic on the road. It is also easier to maintain than a car and pollution will not be a problem. Maintaining a bike is easy as long as you know how to keep your chains clean and prevent it from rusting. Another necessary thing that you must get for your bicycle is a bike lock. It will ensure that nobody will be able to steal your bike. Here are some of the things you can consider when buying a bike lock.

Consider Your Bike’s Size

You must take into consideration the size of your bike when you are buying a lock. Locks differ in length and sizes, so it is not advisable to buy a lock that is too small for your bike. Remember that there will not always be a bike rack available in the place you will leave your bike. Sometimes you will need to lock your bicycle on available posts, fences, benches, or poles. These things vary in sizes, so you might want to get a bike lock that can go around these things.

The Kind of Security Level You Will Need

Where do you plan on leaving your bike? At a place where a thief will have a hard time stealing it? Or in a place where bikes are commonly stolen? Cars are not the only vehicle that thieves target. They also steal bikes whenever they see the opportunity to do so. Poorly locked bikes often attract some thieves’ manic impulse to steal. They can use bolt cutters, hammer, pocket knives, and even their bare hands can do the job, so you must choose a bike lock that is strong enough to stand a sharp object through it. Bikers often rate bike locks according to how it can withstand tools that a thief would use to break it. These are bronze, silver, and gold where gold is the strongest one. A lot of bicycle shops always recommend Sold Secure Gold bike locks because thieves will not be able to break it using basic tools. Gold bike locks will give you the security you need, especially when your bike is the expensive type.

Type of Lock

There are different types of lock that you can choose from. There are U-locks, cable locks, chain locks, or keypad locks. U-locks are horseshoe-shaped locks that can resist hammers and chisels because it locks the bike leaving no space for a thief to chisel his way out of breaking the locks. Cable locks are more suitable in a place where there are fewer bike thieves because the cables of the locks are not cut-proofed. Chain locks are excellent because they are made of steel and hacksaws or chisels will not work.

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Securing your bike with the best lock is a necessary thing you must consider. The lock that you still use will protect your bike from unwanted thievery and will save you from stress caused by a stolen bike.