How to choose sustainable clothing and accessories for travel

World travelers have a certain responsibility towards the planet they love exploring. Sustainability and ecofriendliness is increasingly important for everyone who enjoys traveling, partly because of a sense of duty towards the Earth, and partly because without an environmental outlook many of the most beautiful destinations in the world won’t be around for much longer!

Incorporating sustainability and ethical practices into one’s travel plans is not as hard as it might seem, and a great way to start is with sustainable clothing and travel accessories. In the last few years, clothing brands have taken huge steps forward and these days it is easier than ever to put together a travel wardrobe that is kind to the environment, ethical, and doesn’t break the bank!

So whether you are taking a weekend cruise, planning a longer summer vacation, heading off on a road trip, or packing your bags for a round-the-world adventure, here are some of the best sustainable travel clothing brands to choose from.

Sustainable luggage


Paravel is an established luggage company who at the beginning of 2021 made a pledge to become the first 100% sustainable travel brand by the end of the year. Their efforts have been considerable, and they were certified as Climate Neutral by June of that year! They now make beautiful, durable, high-quality luggage and bags from recycled water bottles and vegan leather. In addition, they take great pains to offset all the carbon emissions associated with the sourcing, supply chain, and delivery of their products, and they even commit to offsetting an average trip for every item of luggage sold!

Urban Originals

This range of stylish, practical, waterproof bags made from 100% cruelty-free vegan leather is the perfect combination of utility and sustainability. Urban Originals’ bags are surprisingly spacious, extremely cleverly designed, and come with a 10% donation to organizations working to end slavery and human trafficking on every purchase.

Sustainable travel clothes


prAna uses organic hemp and cotton grown without pesticides, and works only with ethical factories, to produce their line of stylish and practical travel clothes. Their pieces are extremely versatile, allowing you to slip seamlessly from plane to hotel to hiking trail, and their commitment to sustainability is unrivaled. Their apparel has been Fair Trade Certified since the brand was founded, and they continue to be a pioneer in the sustainable clothing world.

Revv Swim

If you want to look great and save the world at the same time, then check out the chic swimwear from Revv Swim. Made from 100 percent recycled Italian nylon, these sophisticated bathing suits will have you looking super-sharp by the pool, and won’t put a stain on your conscience!

Sustainable accessories


Packing cubes are a wonderful way to use more space in your luggage and be more organized while on the road, and the colorful, vibrant cubes made by Cotopaxi mean that you can do all this AND do your bit for the environment too. Another fully Climate Neutral Certified brand, Cotopaxi makes all their products from recycled or repurposed materials, as well as sourcing from producers with ethical working practices. The packing cubes themselves are all made with materials that would otherwise be thrown away, so you can feel extra-good about yourself as you pack or unpack your bag!


Plastic water bottles are one of the biggest problems when it comes to unsustainable travel, so make sure to swap your single-use bottle for a reusable flask. Hibear (yet ANOTHER brand certified Climate Neutral) makes rugged, durable, and immensely adaptable bottles. So you can keep your water cool on the road, keep your coffee warm on cooler hikes, and even mix up a cocktail or two at the end of the day!