How To Eliminate Radon Pollutants In Your Home

When we talk about air pollution, we immediately think about outdoor pollution. The air pollution on the outside is mainly because of industrial and automobile emissions.

Most of us do not consider indoor air pollution which can also harm our body. The air quality in our house must be measured regularly.

Radon, invisible and radioactive gas, is one of the most common causes of indoor air pollution. Radon is emitted during the decay of radium that is found in some rock formations under the houses.

The indoor air quality must be checked for the presence of radon especially when you are living in old buildings. We usually do not check the air quality until it’s time to change the air filter.

Radon can cause serious health problems related to breathing to the people living in the house. It can also increase the risk of getting lung cancer.

Here are certain ways which can help you to improve the air quality and eradicate these radon pollutants from your house.

Keep the Windows Open

When the house is constantly closed, the air quality of the house becomes polluted. By keeping the windows open you allow the natural air in that eradicates the pollutants.

Carbon dioxide and other residual molecules caused by household chemicals can build up inside. You must keep your windows open for at least 10 minutes a day for improved air quality.

For example, when you spray scented sprays into the house, they can cause air pollution and reduce the air quality. Opening windows every day for some time eliminates the pollutants and air become clean and breathable.

No Smoking inside the House 

You can always make some strict rules in your own house especially when air quality is concerned.

Smoking should not be allowed inside the house by any chance.

Smoking not only affects the smoker but also affects the people present in the same room. Passive smoking is as dangerous as smoking.

A cigarette emits 4000 chemicals into the air that is inhaled by the people present there. This results in very bad air quality.

When you make your house smoking-free, you just save you and your family from various health issues.

If you are using an air purifier, do not forget to clean the filter regularly to main air quality.

Measure the Humidity inside the House 

A house should have a perfect humidity level inside the house. A proper humidity level ranges between 30-55%.

When the house has more humidity level, there is growth in moulds and dust mites. These decrease the air quality inside the house and can cause diseases too.

The water leaks also lead to increasing moulds and raising the humidity levels. The humidity level must be kept on track by having humidifier or a dehumidifier.

You can also have a baby monitor to keep a track of the humidity in the house. Secure your house from the humidity to keep the air fresh.

Clean the House Regularly 

I know what you are wondering. How does clean home lead to clean air quality?

Well, cleaning your house can result in improved indoor air quality. The house must have a doormat at each door.

The doormats collect the dirt particles and pollutants that affect the air quality inside the house.

These are the little things that we forget while considering indoor air quality.

Even the couches, rugs, beds and sofa sets must be checked regularly. The foam inside them also ages over time and emits dust particles into the air.

Clean house leads directly to better indoor air quality.

Plants That Act As Air Filters

While decorating our houses, we usually put many plants in our rooms. Always choose the plants that act as air filters to place in the house.

Many plants promote better air quality. The plants don’t require much maintenance except watering them regularly.

The plants like chrysanthemums, English ivy, peace lily, and snake lily promote quality of air inside the house. You can get these plants easily in your area.

Surprisingly, NASA also promotes this idea of having plants that act as air filters in your indoors. They trust this especially after doing clean air study on plants.

Say No to Synthetic Fragrances

Thinking about having a clean house, we always use some fragrances that give a good feel to the house.

However, these fragrances also pollute your indoor air.

The commercials always tell you about how these fragrances keep the irritations away. But do they tell you about how irritating can it be for our respiratory systems?

You can stop using these synthetic fragrances and use natural products to keep your house clean. Some people also use baking soda to improve air quality on the inside.

This saves your money from buying the fragrances and keeps the air quality better at the same time.

Take a Radon Test

Radon, a very harmful and invisible gas affects our lungs in the long run if inhaled. A radon test can help to improve the indoor air quality and the health of the family members.

Radon is a radioactive gas. It is mainly found in the granite countertops which are a trend in the kitchen nowadays.

If you are the homeowner and have these granite countertops, you need to take a radon test for a safe side. It can also be found in old buildings and so testing is required at all costs.

Radon tests must be taken as it affects the indoor air quality as well as your health.

Get an Air Purifier

An air purifier is an obvious option to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers reduce a lot of pollutants from your home.

The air purifier guarantees you with clean air quality all the time. Air purifiers can detect odours, dirt particles, allergens and pollutants that we don’t even know exist.

An air purifier is a quality investment as it improves indoor air quality. It can sometimes be a little pricey but it is worth it.

After purchasing an air purifier do not forget to service it regularly. Some filters must be changed from time to time to maintain air quality.

These were some very basic tips and options to improve the air quality of the house. By making certain small changes and adjustments in your daily life, you can improve the indoor air quality and keep away the radon pollutants.

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