How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Every girl’s favorite day has to be their wedding day. They dream and plan about it for so long and it is supposed to be the stuff dreams are made of. However, we should still try not to be as wasteful even when it comes to this day. Eco-friendly weddings are now in fashion and even this way a couple can have the day of their dreams.

If you don’t believe us, here are some ways to make the best day of your life both beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time.


Flowers are a staple of every wedding. This day is usually associated with a lot of colorful flowers, however, the way of acquiring them is usually not that eco-friendly it is always a good idea to order some flowers instead of buying those luxury ones which come with dangerous chemicals that usually increase the carbon footprint.  So avoid using flower foam as it can be dangerous for the environment.

There are actually many creative ways that you can go with flowers. Some people decide to rent faux floral, ensuring that they will never go bad. Others choose to donate their flowers after the service is done so they can be used for something else and not simply thrown away. But a very interesting flower wedding idea is to avoid flowers with a cut stem and used potted ones. You can use those flowers as gifts later on and protect the environment that way.


Using biodegradable utensils is a great idea to keep everything green. Usually, there is going to be a lot of things that will be thrown away after a wedding. A lot of the utensils are used only ones and go to waste as they are disposed of immediately afterward. However, if you decide to go the biodegradable route you may make a difference.

This includes using as many biodegradable utensils as you possibly can. There is the cutlery to think about, tablecloths, certain decorations, etc. You can find biodegradable substitutes for all of them and it will certainly make a difference.


One of the major parts of a wedding is sending out all the invitations to your friends and family members. But it all goes to waste afterward as all that precious paper goes to waste. But there is a solution to that as well. You can easily make all of your invitations from recyclable materials, That way you are reusing and not creating added waste.

However, there is a second much more extreme option to think about. It might not be traditional in the usual sense but it is completely eco-friendly – email invitations. If you want to create zero waste, then the electronic invitation is the best way to go.

The Ring

The wedding ring is the most important part of the wedding ceremony. It seals the deal and acts as a cherry on to for the entire event. However, our rings are usually made from various materials or processes that are not entirely eco-friendly when we think about it. But there is a solution for that as well.

It simply involves taking your time and finding a dealer who is committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones in an eco-friendly manner. Additionally, you can use antique diamonds for your ring and that way save on using the usual ones that are made from dangerous and wasteful processes.

There you have it! If you are really interested in making a difference and want to do it on the best days of your life, follow these tips for a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding.