How To Start A Massage Business


So you want to start a massage business? Owning your own business affords you certain freedoms you would otherwise not be entitled to. You can work on your own schedule, or depending on your staff, not work at all. Opening a massage business is a wonderful and ingenious idea. We live in an age where many people are becoming obsessed with homeopathic medicine and massages are often used in combination with many homeopathic treatments. There has never been a better time than now to open your own massage business and become a masseuse.

It can seem daunting knowing where to start, but by reading this page and studying the points made in it, you too will be able to embark on a journey toward financial independence. If you are personally going to be working as a masseuse, you must have the relevant qualifications and degrees, lest you may get in trouble. If you do not have the necessary qualifications to become a masseuse, you can easily achieve these at a local community college. These courses often last no longer than a few months and will teach you everything you need to know about the art of massage.  


The first thing you will want to do when you are starting out as a masseuse and opening your business is to decide on a venue. Many people have seen huge success in attending people’s homes and giving at-home massages. And, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be the preferred method of massage, as your customers may not feel entirely comfortable with the prospect of leaving their homes and attending a storefront wherein hundreds of people have passed through, potentially leaving their germs and bacteria behind. It may be difficult to market an at-home service, however. A storefront is good exposure.

Opening a storefront will depend on many things. Firstly, will you lease, or will you buy it? Secondly, is the location appropriate? A massage venue must be located in an area that is frequented by the type of person you could typically expect to attend. Opening a massage venue in a downtrodden neighborhood will not achieve the success (nor customers) that you will want. You must open your storefront (when you have decided to lease or buy) in an area that is conducive to good business. Hip, upmarket, and gentrified areas are the best.


You will need equipment to start out as a masseuse. Whether you are using a chair or a bed, the equipment can cost quite a lot of money, with each piece of equipment costing thousands. Often, the best way to buy these chairs and beds is to buy them wholesale from a massage equipment supplier. You will be able to get them discounted. You could also potentially buy them second-hand, providing somebody has matching beds and chairs for sale. If they are not matching, there is little point in buying them, as your massage venue must appear harmonious and relaxing. Equipment is fundamental and you cannot (as you may well know) succeed as a masseuse without it. You may be able to get away with massages on sofas and mattresses for a while, but eventually, your customers will start asking why you do not have the proper equipment and when you will expect to get it.


Embarking out on a journey toward financial independence can be difficult. The weight, however, can be lightened by employing people to help you. Finding a qualified masseuse to work for your business is essential, even if it is only one. They will lessen the burden and be able to help you to promote your business positively and to gain customers. They may even, in the past, have had their own personal customers that they can now bring to your business. Look carefully for your employees and vet them, ensuring they do not have criminal or unscrupulous pasts. For a masseuse position, you can expect to find success by listing on social media and on online job websites. You may even be able to call independent masseuse therapists and ask them if they wish to be employed with your company on a contract basis.


Marketing is crucial to every single business in the entire world, and a business cannot succeed without it. If you wish for your business to achieve greatness, then it is essential that you appropriately and professionally market your business. You can do this through many different avenues and outlets, the most successful being social media and with flyers. As a masseuse business is a local one, you can put flyers and posters up, as well as employ people to give them out. You can also launch social media campaigns targeting your local area. Many other local businesses may support you, too.

Once you begin to receive customers and positive reviews, you can expect your business to go up drastically. It is often the case with local businesses that when they receive positive reviews, friends of those reviewing will emerge from the woodwork and do business with you. A massage business requires good reviews, lest customers not come. Set up many portals online so that potential customers can read your reviews and know that they are not falsified and that the local community thinks very highly of you. Giving charity and raising money is another effective marketing strategy you can employ.



Even if you have all of the aforementioned, you will still need funding. Funding can come in many shapes or forms, whether it be a gift from family or a bank loan. A very effective method of funding your business is crowdfunding, which has taken off massively and is very successful. You can open a crowdfunding page quite easily and appeal to people in your local area to donate money and help you to achieve your dreams. Crowdfunding is awesome and you should definitely consider it if you want to start your business from scratch without any formal financial investment.

Now you know exactly how to get started with your own masseuse business. Working as a masseuse is a lot of fun and gives you a lot of independence. If it is something you are passionate about, pursue it unquestionably.