How To Tell If A Clairvoyant Is Real Or A Scammer 

Mind reading and future predictions are skills that are unique to few people. This is the primary reason many people are in awe of clairvoyants. Some people seek help from a clairvoyant because they are genuinely curious. 

The rise of clairvoyant scammers

While it is true that some psychics have the extraordinary gift to predict the future and the intuition to read minds, not everyone who claims to be a psychic is one. 

According to the FBI, complaints about psychic fraud have risen dramatically, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people lost their loved ones and their jobs. Their desperation led them to psychics. Some wanted to know what the future holds for them. 

Will their businesses ever recover? Will they overcome their financial difficulties? Some even wanted to reach out to their dead loved ones for closure, especially those who died suddenly from coronavirus. 

Unfortunately, some people started claiming to be clairvoyants to take advantage of the desperation and the increased demand for clairvoyants. 

Today, more people are wary of psychics. Most are not sure if they are dealing with someone possessing real psychic powers or a scammer.  

How can one tell if a clairvoyant is real or a fake? 

A scammer asks too many questions but barely has any answers. 

Clairvoyants often ask questions to understand you better. However, the difference between a real psychic and a scammer is that the latter seldom answers your questions. 

Additionally, scammers tend to ask leading questions. They do this because they do not possess psychic powers. So, they attempt to be as believable as possible by leading you to provide the information they think you need. 

A scammer tends to focus on the negative.

Scammers tend to create panic. Since most want to extract as much money as they can from you, they will go the extra mile to increase your desperation. 

Tales such as “ you’re cursed” or “negative energy surrounds you” are often told when you reach out to a fake psychic. Some even offer to cast a spell on you to break the chain of bad luck. 

Real psychics often charge per session.

When you visit sites with lists of some of the most sought-after clairvoyants, you will realize they charge a fee for the session. For some, a session is 30-minutes long, while others have sessions lasting an hour. Some of these psychics charge hundreds of dollars per session. 

Scammers tend to have a menu with a fee attached to each service. For example, you may find a $50 charge for removing negative energy, $150 to change your luck in love, and $200 for financial breakthrough. 

A fake psychic is likely to describe your problems based on how much money they think they can get from you. Since you have the charge sheet, you will feel compelled to pay the price for “healing”. 

Scammers tend to have a refund clause.

Since fake psychics know potential clients are concerned about losing their money, they will rope you in with a refund clause. Claims that if their predictions don’t come true, you can seek a refund are said to gain your trust. Unfortunately, you are likely to discover the scam when your request for a refund is either ignored or rejected. 

Negative reviews

Today, many psychics offer their services remotely. Some do it online, while others do it over the phone. So, you can easily access a clairvoyant from the comfort of your home. 

The downside of this interaction is you cannot read body language, making it even more difficult for you to tell if the psychic is real or not. 

The only hope you have is to find out what other people have to say about the psychic. While you are likely to come across positive reviews that are not real, the negative reviews probably are. 

Is the psychic in a hurry to get rid of you? 

Real psychics, even those whose time is limited to a session, tend to give their clients an audience. They will listen to you and will take the time to communicate their message. 

Scammers tend to rush through the session out of fear of being discovered. This is because you are likely to discover lies when they talk for long. If you are attending a face-to-face session, the longer you stay, the more likely you are to see through the scam. 

Fake psychics take more than money from their clients. Some can destroy your spirit, making it difficult for you to enjoy the positive things in your life.