How To Tell If Your Psychic Reader is Legitimate or Fake

There are so many psychics in the market, and all of them claim to be the best and legitimate. Because of this, it is hard for normal people to tell the difference between a fake and a legitimate psychic medium. Frauds, phonies and scammers can be very convincing. These fake psychics can be good at deceiving people, particularly those grieving or desperate to look for answers. Fortunately, after reading this article, it will be easy for you to spot a fake psychic.

Read Reviews

Due to the availability of the internet, the number of psychic readers has really increased. This makes it hard for an average person to know legitimate and fake. One way to differentiate a fake and real one is by reading reviews.

A genuine psychic who is positively helpful and offers resourceful service will be well-reviewed. Reading so many expert reviews on spiritual readers before choosing one will help you identify the real ones. These experts spend their time researching and testing different psychics to know whether they are reliable. Their reviews will help to avoid just choosing a psychic but choosing the best to have the best experience to learn more about yourself.

Vague Readings That Lack Details

Examples of vague statements you should look for are:

  •                     Of late, you have been worried.
  •                     Who is sick?
  •                     These days you are missing someone.
  •                     You feel anxiety sometimes.
  •                     Someone close to you has died.

Also, be on the lookout for psychic readings that are not clear and end in a cliffhanger. For example, “There is a powerful curse in your family.” A fake reader will ask you to pay more money for more information. It is the nature of a human being to want to know how a story ends. If a psychic leaves you in suspense, that is a sign that they are after your money.

You don’t have to pay for the services then be asked to buy something else. A genuine reading will feel very different. You will be satisfied with the answers you receive and have a feeling that a psychic has done their best.

Asking For Financial And Personal Information

Your psychic should never ask you for sensitive and private information. Some fake readers believe that knowing your personal information will help them connect more strongly with you. Don’t fall for that trap. A genuine reader will connect with your natural energy and not government or financial information.

Asking Too Many And Leading Questions

Another red flag to look for is a psychic asking too many questions. This is a clear indication that they are trying to find information to validate their guesses. They will offer you a fake reading based on the information you have shared with them. On the other hand, a genuine psychic always uses your energy and offers you the answers or information you need to know. Their readings are not very general, unlike the fake readings.

Also, fake psychics will ask you leading questions. It is also known as cold reading. For example, a psychic can ask you, “who died in an accident?” A genuine psychic should have said, “there is someone spirit here who died in an accident.” So, if you come across a psychic asking leading questions, you are being conned.

Psychics That Promise 100% Results

Genuine online psychics admit that it’s hard to guarantee 100% on any readings, so if yours claims they are accurate, then run! Although a psychic can tell you what they feel might happen in the future, they cannot be absolutely sure those things will push through. What they do is read and interpret your energy.

Saying What You Want To Hear

There is a big difference between what you want to hear and what you need to hear. In most cases, people seek psychics help when they are going through hard times in their life. Hearing what you want to know can be of no value to you.

A person wants to hear that their partner will return or their lover will abandon their partner. They want to be sure they will find better jobs very soon. Although these things can happen, it is not suitable for a fake psychic to say they will happen just to make you happy.

Seeking psychic help is a wise thing to do when you have a problem. However, the readings should be helpful and insightful. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing a psychic since there are scammers in the industry.