How We Can Eat Our Landscapes

A TED Talk About Reinventing Community Through Fruit and Vegetable Gardens
In a talk titled “How We Can Eat Our Landscapes,” the exuberant Pam Warhurst relates how her community launched an initiative to plant fruits, vegetables and herbs on unused land. Warhurst is a forest policy expert as well as co-founder of Incredible Edible, the program that transformed the town of Todmorden, England.

In an engaging and humorous manner, she tells how a group of volunteers built resilience and reinvented community, “Without a flippin’ strategy document.” Corn now grows in front of the police station, herbs bloom along roadways and tourists visit to see the fruits of the community’s labors.

The video is part of the TED Talks series. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks are presented by the Sapling Foundation, a nonprofit group focused on sharing innovations and “ideas worth spreading.”