Is A Water Heater Necessary To Own?

Yes. Just imagine a life without a water heater these days. The water heater is one of the most critical appliances you would find in homes today and one of the most neglected. It is an essential appliance that you need to install at home right away but one which easily gets ignored unless it starts to act up. A home’s water heater requires it to function every day and consumes more energy than any other home appliance. Every household member needs to use the water heater for personal use and various household chores. 

When your house needs a new water heater installed, or the existing one is giving signs of a possible replacement, you have other options now than the standard storage-tank water heater. Maybe a hybrid water heater is just what you need. 

A hybrid water heater is also known as a heat pump water heater. It acts like a refrigerator working in reverse. Unlike the standard water heater, which needs to generate heat on its own and requires a large amount of power, a hybrid water heater draws heat from the surrounding air using the heat pump. The heat pump has a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the surroundings, which goes through a heat exchanger, then finally released into a water tank to heat the water. 

A standard water heater that relies on electrical resistance to heat water for your household can provide you with the water heating you need just as well but at a higher cost. Heat pump water heaters have unique features that enable you to switch to using electric heating elements automatically when hot water use is high and switch back to heat pump mode when hot water consumption is low. The heat pump water heater can switch to a more energy-efficient mode hence the name ‘hybrid.’ 

Choosing a heat pump water heater will help you maximize energy-efficiency and help cut down on electricity costs. A heat pump water heater has a control panel where you can choose from different operating modes depending on your hot water demand. A typical heat pump water heater has four operating modes.

  • High-Efficiency – The water heater uses only the heat pump to heat water to maximize energy efficiency and cut electricity costs.
  • Hybrid – This is the default setting of your water heater, perfect for hot water daily consumption. The water heater uses the heat pump for heating by default but automatically switches to electric heating elements when the demand for hot water rises.
  • Electric – In times of extreme cold, it is better to use only the electric powered heating elements as the heat pump will not function efficiently during those times. 
  • Vacation – When you are on vacation or during times when you have little or no demand for hot water, switch the settings to Vacation Mode to lower your electricity costs for your water heater to the minimum. It also protects the heater from freezing on cold days and nights.

We know that a water heater plays a vital role in the home. But with everyone using it daily, you should be mindful of the electricity costs that it entails. A standard water heater or a hybrid water heater can provide the hot water demand of any household. If you want a more energy-efficient and higher on the savings water heater, then the hybrid water heater is better.