Full Speed Hybrid

A new YouTube video shows off the incredible styling and heart-pumping speed of the just-released Porsche 918 RSR racing hybrid.
Porsche’s 918 RSR hybrid racecar was a highlight at this year’s Auto Show in Detroit. Behind its sleek and curvy exterior–modeled after the Porsche 918 Spyder concept car–is an incredible 563 horsepower V8 engine, along with electric motors on the two front wheels that each contribute 75 kilowatts (150 KW total), accounting for a peak drive power of 767 horsepower. The electric energy is generated during braking and captured by a flywheel power accumulator which spins at up to 36,000 rpm.

The car is so beautiful, it has reduced reviewers to stunned silence. Writes one on Engaget (referring to the concept car last March): “We want to own one of these so badly, we don’t care if it has an engine.”

Watch it here in action, and look for it at a race track near you.