An app for would-be vegetable growers that helps you choose which veggies you can plant today in your region, how to go about it and how to cook them up once they’re ready to pick.
Fresh vegetables never go out of season and growing your own ensures ultimate freshness and nutritional benefits, not to mention a huge reduction in transportation pollution. Thanks to the iGrowIt app designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s easier than ever for a beginner vegetable gardener to get started.

Quickly find out which vegetables you can plant right in your area and season. Just tap the “What can I grow today?” button to display photos of all the vegetables you can plant in the current month based on where you live. Once you pick your vegetable, follow the app’s detailed growing instructions that take you from preparation and planting to picking and eating your own vegetables, recipe ideas included.

Already wondering what fresh home-grown veggies you can show off to your family over the holidays? Use the app to discover which vegetables you can grow next month and in the months ahead.

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