International Green Jobs Beckon Eco-Conscious Workers Opportunities To Do Good & Do Well Abound Abroad

International green jobs
Credit: Pexels

A video of garbage waves rolling onto the shores of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic has gone viral on social media over the last few weeks, giving the masses a small but meaningful representation of their effects on the environment. As sustainability climbs the consumer priority list, careers in sustainability are growing, opening up among corporations that are looking to accommodate consumer concerns for environmental consciousness.

Green Responsibility

As corporate responsibility for sustainability grows through government initiatives that promote sustainable practices, new and innovative methods of going green are popping up around the world. Recycling has come a long way in reducing the impact of paper and single-use plastics that clutter up landfills. Another new and similar trend is the use of discarded refuse, like plastic bottles and tires as sturdy construction materials for buildings. The auto industry, with its use of fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gases is working to take accountability for their environmental impact by shifting towards alternative energy.

The diversity of sustainability practices is extensive, meaning that whether you come from a sustainability background and are hoping to find a position as a sustainability coordinator for a corporation, or are simply an entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability, you’ll find a place to do this. Adam Howland is one of these entrepreneurs, who saw an opportunity to start a sustainable building grassroots operation that would help create schools and other crucial building in Majority World countries that may not have the funds for traditional construction.

International Work

Each industry around the world produces their own massive share of waste. According to George Washington University, hospitals generate about 2 million tons of waste each year. While this is partly due to the sanitary procedures which are vital in hospitals, it also reflects that hospitals could be running more efficiently. Finding ways to reduce waste in hospitals across the world would assist in reducing costs and risks, which is why over 50 percent of healthcare leaders worldwide use sustainability as a factor in their decision-making.

Having a background in sustainability is becoming increasingly desirable knowledge for growing businesses around the world that are looking to reduce their environmental impact. If you’ve taken classes or have a degree in sustainability, this is extremely beneficial experience to include on a resume. This is not only good knowledge for people in healthcare or construction industries; the argument for going green can be made in every industry, especially as conservation efforts gain traction around the world.

As green responsibility continues to gain popularity and consumers start to demand green practices, environmentally conscious jobs will continue to grow. In order for the world to continue functioning as we know it, sustainable practices must be incorporated in most businesses around the world. We have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, and this can be done in one of the biggest parts of our lives — our work.