Join Hands Against Drilling

A scene from the first Hands Across the Sand in Florida back in February in protest of offshore drilling.© Hands Across the Sand

On June 26, people worldwide will participate in the Hands Across the Sand campaign to protest offshore oil drilling and to support legislation for clean energy. Founded by Dave Rauschkolb, Hands Across the Sand was originally created to protest Florida legislation that allowed offshore drilling within 10 miles of Florida’s coastline. On February 13, 2010 thousands of protestors held hands on over 100 different beaches to demonstrate against the Florida Legislature and the U.S. Congress. Shortly after, the proposed legislation was dropped.

Now, Rauschkolb plans to expand the movement on an international level. The slogan "NO to offshore drilling, YES to clean energy" says it all: Rauschkolb hopes the protest will put political pressure on Capital Hill to take steps to end the national dependence on fossil fuels and to aggressively pursue clean energy alternatives.

In an open letter, Rauschkolb writes: "America could be, should be, the world leader in expanding cleaner energy sources, yet our political process is paralyzed by oil money. It is time for our leaders to take bold, courageous steps and open the door to clean energy and renewables." Rauschkolb stresses the importance of acting now. In light of the recent British Petroleum oil spill, Rauschkolb’s Hands Across the Sand offers a peaceful solution to frustrated citizens looking to be heard.

Participation in the movement is simple. On June 26, 2010 join thousands of Americans as they gather on local beaches and form lines in the sand. Protesters will join hands at noon. The hoped-for effect is to provide a united front to protect coastlines from the dangerous effects of offshore drilling.

Hands Across the Sand is supported by a number of national and international organizations including the Sierra Club, Oceana, the Alaska Wilderness League and others.

SOURCE: Hands Across the Sand