5 Useful Landscape Management Tips For Homeowners

A well-tended garden’s a delightful addition to any home. It can attract more potential homebuyers when you decide to sell your house and encourages outdoor family interactions.

Gardening can also help reduce anxiety and stress, but it sometimes doesn’t seem like it when you’re overwhelmed with gardening chores.

When you set up a regular landscape maintenance schedule, you’ll get longer-lasting results than if you only attend to your garden when the mood strikes you.

Careful landscape management can help ensure your garden’s environmentally friendly too.

1. Keep Your Lawn in Good Condition

Thirsty lawns can use a lot of water unnecessarily. When you practice effective lawn maintenance, it needs less water to thrive and look its lush best.

Be sure to remove weeds as soon as you notice them and don’t cut your lawn too short. A good rule of thumb is to cut off only a third of the grass blade every time.

Keep your mower blades sharp and clean. Dull blades will tear the grass and stunt its growth. Use an organic fertilizer in the spring to encourage strong growth.

Gardening service companies like BrightView, Franz Witte, or Trugreen can help you maintain an effective lawn care program.

2. Tree Care Counts Too

Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden landscape and a huge benefit to the Earth. Yet, large trees with dead branches can pose a threat to your home, family, and pets.

Prune your trees before they start their summer growth spurt. The early days of spring are a good time to remove suckers, cut off dead branches, and mulch around the base of your trees.

Avoid going to crazy with the shears. Over pruning your trees means they’ll use more energy to regrow what you’ve cut off. This means they’ll use more water.

Keep tabs on your trees for disease and insect infestation. If you notice anything untoward, get in touch with an expert tree specialist to deal with the problem in an eco-friendly way.

3. Waterwise Plantings

Planting drought-tolerant plants is a sustainable choice for any garden. There are hundreds of these plants to choose from in the USA.

Some examples include lavender, bougainvillea, and purple coneflowers. These attractive species add a dash of color to any garden without draining your water resources.

4. Add Hardscaping

If you’re looking for time-saving shortcuts for managing your landscape, it’s a good idea to install focal points in the form of pergolas, retaining walls, and walkways.

These items need very little maintenance and add enormous impact and appeal to your garden.

5. Embrace Container Gardening

Plants grown in containers are very easy to care for. Since they’re in a sealed environment, they’re less susceptible to soil-borne diseases too.

You’ll also spend less time weeding, watering, and fertilizing these specimens. When you feel like a new look, it’s easy to move the plants around to create the desired effect.

More Waterwise Landscape Management Tips

When you make environmentally-friendly landscape management a priority, you can do your bit to help reduce global warming and prevent erosion.

For more tips on good environmental choices, keep reading our blog. We specialize in providing the best advice, landscape management ideas, and information for savvy homeowners.