The Impact of Lawn Care and Maintenance for the Environment

lawn care and maintenance

Have you ever wondered whether your lawn care and maintenance plan is helping or hurting the environment?

Believe it or not, little changes in your landscaping can actually make all the difference to our planet. In fact, with the right monthly plan in place, your grass can even help offset your household’s carbon emissions. And, if you’re trying to go green, this is one easy area to improve.

If that sounds interesting, this is your article! Keep reading to learn more.

Healthy Soil

When it comes to landscape maintenance, proper care starts with your soil. The right balance of nutrients and a good pH balance can help grass and trees take root, in turn preventing erosion and helping plants thrive.

Having your soil tested periodically can help you identify and treat deficiencies before they have a chance to affect your lawn. And, taking fast action can help save time and money when it comes to future maintenance.

Healthy soil can also help keep pests away, protecting your yard from common invaders.

Proper Watering

Appropriate watering is essential to lawn health, especially if you live in an area prone to extreme heat and dryness.

For the best results and least environmental impact, you should water slowly and deeply, and only when your lawn truly needs it. So, it’s best to let the turf dry out completely before its next soak.

Try to imitate natural rainfall by using a slow-drip irrigation system or sprinkler. And, avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when evaporation can impact your lawn’s natural ability to absorb.

Mowing Matters

Trimming and mowing is a vital part of taking care of your lawn, and it’s the most important factor on this list.

Cutting your grass too short can allow it to dry out, limit its ability to create oxygen, and allow weeds to take over. So, you should mow high and often. This lets the grass grow longer, creating oxygen and absorbing heat and pollution.

While this might seem more harmful to the planet, it actually isn’t. A healthy lawn can easily offset the carbon used to maintain it.

This rule applies to bush and tree trimming as well, so don’t neglect the other plants in your yard! Visit for more details.

Establish a Routine

Whether your lawn is struggling or thriving, establishing a routine and sticking to it is key. Not only will this help you conserve resources like water and the gas used in your mower, but it will also help your lawn do its job as a natural green space.

For most people, this means that hiring a lawn care company is the best option. Opt for a green company to avoid harmful pesticides and other maintenance methods that can negatively impact the planet.

Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance for the Planet

Now that you know a bit more about how lawn care and maintenance can impact the environment, you’re probably excited to make a change to your current routine.

Congratulations! Reading this article could be the first step you take toward a more sustainable home and garden.

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