How To Be Greener At Home In 2018

The global market volume for ‘environmental technologies’ will reach a projected $2,740 billion by 2020 according to German global strategy consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

It is hardly surprising then that there is a growing trend in new builds and home modifications to incorporate energy efficient and environmentally friendly home technologies.

Maximising the energy efficiency potential of your home is not a new concept but going greener at home is becoming more commonplace with the availability and affordability of mainstream, green technologies.

With leading technology companies such as Apple and Google going 100 per cent green, by buying from green energy producers, there has been a sociocultural acceleration towards the uptake of energy efficient technologies and green approaches to running the family home, as well as the workplace.  

Many of these changes are subtle but can create an immediate impact. Water heaters which consume large amounts of energy can have their temperatures reduced; your phone charger, laptop or coffeemaker can be unplugged. Short- term investments really do make long terms savings such as replacing windows and insulation.

Lighting is a huge cost for American households. According to the United States Environment Protection Agency, 20 percent of a typical household’s electricity bills is used to pay for lighting. An average household in the United States has over 40 sockets for light bulbs and switching to LED bulbs is an immediate energy saving solution, which are 90 per cent more energy efficient.

Even travel around your home can be energy efficient now, thanks to a cutting-edge new concept from home elevator company, Lifton Home Elevators, who offer a range of residential elevator which is so economical its run from a 220v outlet or 110v outlet with step-up transformer with no hydraulics required.

The elevators are compact and its modular structure means significantly less materials are used in its manufacture, and, with need for a lift shaft, no extensive remodeling of a house is required.

By making a few lifestyle changes, going green will not only go easy on the planet, but will also go easy on your wallet. In fact, even the smallest of changes can pave the way to a country without waste, where all resources are used sustainably in all households across the US.