Light Bulb Finder

If choosing the right efficient light bulb for your various lamps and fixtures has you stumped, the Light Bulb Finder app can help.
The Light Bulb Finder app, founded by Eco Hatchery, helps you to decide which kind of energy-efficient light bulbs to buy for your home or apartment. Take a simple room-to-room stroll around your home environment and compare your current lighting to the energy-efficient bulb shapes found on the app. The app will then choose the appropriate Energy Star efficient bulb for that room.

It also guides you through the approximate savings the energy-efficient bulb will deliver on your utility bill and how much it will likely lower your carbon dioxide emissions. All that’s left to do is buy the bulb, which the app allows you to do directly from your phone, or you can e-mail yourself a shopping list to purchase it at a local store.

Price: Free