Lilith’s Green Return

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The Lilith Fair, which featured top musicians like Sheryl Crow in the late "90s, returns with a new green mission this summer.©

The Lilith Fair—the music festival in the late nineties that drew over 1.5 million fans over its three-year run with a lineup of top women musicians like Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera and Sarah McLachlan—is announcing its return. And this time, it’s coming back green. For its summer 2010 concert, the Lilith Fair is partnering with Reverb, the organization that has greened more than 80 major tours and kept over 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as a result.

Reverb was founded by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Adam Gardner of Guster and provides everything musicians and organizers need to put on a green tour—from recycling bins, to reusable bottles for musicians, to biodiesel buses, local food, organic merchandise and an on-site eco-village. Other musicians who have used the service for their tours include Phish, John Mayer, John Legend and Coldplay.

Sullivan says, "Reverb is psyched to be a part of Lilith Fair 2010. Lilith is a truly groundbreaking festival, and it’s an honor to work on behalf of so many talented women. We’re excited to have the opportunity to make the tour one of the greenest on the road next summer, and to inspire Lilith fans across the country to become environmentally aware and active."

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