Long-Term Effects Of Diabetes To Your Body

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that can make you susceptible to illnesses and diseases and is caused when a person’s blood sugar levels become too high. Diabetes and pre-diabetes are conditions said to affect up to fifty percent of the population of the United States. Diabetes can hinder the quality of a person’s life massively. It is critical that in order to live a long, healthy life, you do not consume sugary foods all of the time, otherwise, you may end up with diabetes, which during this current global pandemic, is contributing to high mortality rates. Diabetes must not be allowed to take over your life.

Diabetes is a condition with two main types. There is type one diabetes, which is when the body’s immune system begins to attack and destroy the cells that produce insulin – type one diabetes is the most dangerous and the one that can cause the most amount of problems. Type two diabetes is when your body does not produce enough insulin and the body’s cells do not react to insulin. Type two diabetes is the most commonly found type of diabetes throughout the world, with over ninety percent of cases in the United Kingdom being attributed to type two diabetes.

Online Medication

Before moving onto the long-term effects that diabetes can have on your body, it is first important to mention the use of oral medication in the treatment of diabetes. Oral medication can be very successful in treating cases of diabetes and is the most commonly used method of treatment. When oral medication is used in combination with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, it can be very effective. One such medication, Dulaglutide, which is sold under the Trulicity brand name, is commonly used around the world to treat type 2 diabetes and helps to keep your blood sugar in check. However, the reason that online medication specifically has been mentioned, is that in some cases it may be counterproductive and illegal. You should only order online medication for your diabetes if your doctor has recommended it to you. You must not treat yourself, as self-treatment without medical intervention can have serious consequences on your health. You will likely not be a doctor, and no matter how many blog posts or forums you have read – you do not know enough to treat yourself. Self-treatment can be a detriment to your recovery and can actually hinder it.

Long-Term Effects

As diabetes increases your blood sugar and makes it higher than it should be, it can cause, after many years, serious problems in your body. Diabetes can harm your eyes, your kidneys, your nerves, your heart, your skin, your blood vessels, and many other parts of your body. The long-term effects of untreated diabetes can be very damaging and cause significant side-effects that can massively hinder your quality of life and in some cases leave you paralyzed. Below you will find the long-term effects of diabetes if left untreated. Always treat your diabetes – never allow it to come to what is below:


Diabetes can cause significant eye problems and can directly contribute to blindness. The first sign that diabetes is causing you problems with your eyes is that you have trouble seeing during night time and your eyes become sensitive to light – if you have never experienced these before, you may be suffering from diabetes. It can also lead to blindness and is very common among untreated diabetes patients.


Those who suffer from diabetes may go on to develop nasty sores, infections, and illnesses – if the sores and infections go on for too long and are not treated, you may have to have the parts affected amputated. Infection also causes pus oozing, pain, and itching, as well as inflammation.


Having diabetes means you may not be able to control your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels. This can mean you may be more susceptible to a heart attack, angina, stroke, and other heart-related conditions – it can also make the blood flow from your heart to your legs and feet much more difficult, which in some cases, can result in further amputation.

Nerve Damage

The nerves within your body can become very damaged as a consequence of untreated diabetes and you can begin to feel sensations such as tingling and loss of feeling. Nerve damage in male diabetes patients can also make it harder to grow and maintain an erection. If the nerve damage goes on and becomes too severe, you may become paralyzed in the parts of your body experiencing the nerve damage.


Food digestion can be hindered when you suffer from diabetes, and you may have trouble and weakness in your bowel movements. Diabetes can be very harmful to your digestive system and can wreak absolute havoc on it. Diabetes can be a big problem when it comes to digestion.


Kidney damage is another problem commonly associated with high levels of blood sugar. Your kidneys may not work as well as they once might have and could even stop working altogether. This could result in dialysis or a kidney transplant, both of which can hinder your quality of life massively and leave you in severe pain for the rest of it.

Mental Health

Mental health problems have been linked to diabetes patients through studies and research. Depression and anxiety have been said to be heavily linked to diabetes and it is even said that the two conditions go hand in hand. Patients who suffer from diabetes are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than those who do not. Mental health problems, in combination with the previously mentioned conditions, can absolutely ruin your life and leave you a shadow of your former self. Rather than allowing diabetes to get this bad and completely ruin your life, seek treatment. Treatment for diabetes can consist of some simple lifestyle changes and some medication. Seek treatment and your symptoms will be reduced and you may be able to fight off diabetes.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that there is to know about the long-term effects of diabetes. Treatment is essential and you mustn’t suffer silently with the condition – as if you do – you can do yourself more harm than you could possibly imagine.