Mad Men Ride the Rails

Two stars of the HBO hit series Mad Men reprise their roles in an online video to make a pitch for high-speed rail.
Two of the stars of HBO’s Mad Men–Vincent Kartheiser (who plays the aggressively earnest Pete Campbell on the show) & Rich Sommer (who plays the nerdy head of the ad agency’s TV department) are cast in their Mad Men roles discussing a potential pitch to sell the idea of high-speed rail to the American public. The video came about from U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) who worked with the site to produce it. In the video, “Pete” expresses concern that America has bet on the wrong pony when it comes to the future of transportation, and offers a couple terrible ideas for how to promote the benefits of train travel. “Harry” responds that there’s nothing to worry about. “I read a thing that said in 40 years gas is going to cost more than $1 a gallon,” he said. Not to mention, he adds, “Trains are the most efficient, most economical, best investment.”

Clearly, high speed rail still needs to be sold to the public–and U.S. PIRG is hoping this latest campaign will help do it. On their related website,, they ask visitors to fill out an online form to send to their U.S. senators asking them to support high-speed rail now–before another decade passes us by.